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Spice and Ice for Summers


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Scorching Sun. Heatwave. Sweat. Humidity. Sunglasses. Scarfs, covering head and almost all the face. Lime water. Coconut water. Ice-crème. Cold Drinks. Can you imagine what I am talking about? Yes, got it correct. The summer is back. Outside, there is the burning sun at daytime and increasing humidity and discomfort at night. Now, the question is what should we wear while going out? Well, there is lots of soothing option available currently.

Every year, prior to the summer season, lots of cool and trendy fashion for you starts moving around the fashion world. The fashion designers work hard to bring out innovative fashions for us and take fashion to a new height. Here we go with everything you need to know regarding the summer 2015 fashion trends:

Colour sense:


picking up the correct colour is important in burning sun. Consider shades like light orange, yellow, rosy pink, white, mint, teal, muted colours, pastel colours, etc. These colours are soothing to eyes and comfortable to wear. This is the most important thing for summer attires apart from style.

Mod patterns:


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This summer the trend of variety of patterns is back in the fashion world. Look for block patterns, jailbird stripes, checkerboard, digital patterns, illusionary patterns, geometric patterns- they are trendy and cool in hot summer days. Floral appliqué work and delicate motifs as well will rule the fashion in this season.

Glam make:


With all the coloured sense and mod patterns, your 2015 summer trend can comprise of mod miniskirts, A-line shift dresses, colour-blocked parkas, amazing collection of cropped tops, sarees, kurtis, anarkalis, salwar kameez and cotton Kurtis have the capacity of being a mega-hit for the summer.

Glint treasure: As for accessories, summer trend is about minimalism. According to the fashion trend of last year, it was the nose ring that took the breath away from us. This summer, you can choose unusual headgears and waist belts, providing you an eccentric look.

The forthcoming trends are all about encouragement, vibrancy, gentleness and minimalism. This is more about highlighting your persona. Summer 2015 is going to be absolute and silky pleasurable with the latest fashion trends, literally!

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