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Who doesn’t like flowers? Do you not? Its fragrance, its touch, its sight, color, and even its designs on clothes are all mind boggling. Hot scorching sun is here. This is the time to embrace and flaunt the seasonal floral on your attires, accessories and more. For most of the fashion lovers, flowers are the ultimate symbol of femininity, particularly in the summer. You can always count on a floral fantasy in this season. Whatever flowers you love, sunflowers roses or lilies, we bring to you a range of floral options in your designs. Have a glance:

 Delicately floral

Indian ethnics
Sku Code:314-5231SL104427 , price: $38

Either on Indian ethnics or Western or Indo-Western wear, flowers printed in pastel shades is soothing for the eyes in these hot and humid days. Always opt for lightweight fabrics and use little accessories to beat the heat outside.

 Vibrant blossoms

vibrant floral prints
Sku Code:202-5170SA623243, Price: $39

Look out for bold and vibrant floral prints. The brighter the better. Summer is all about unexpected vibrant blossoms. It gives ultimate relief from the outer climate to body and mind.

 Dark colored floral

Dark coloured floral
Saree: Sku Code:202-5169SA176177, Price: $33 ; Kurti: Sku Code:12-5019KT903116, Price: $25

Perhaps you think that floral designs are all about channeling the brighter spirit of the season, and associate it with cheerful light colors and lively patterns. Dark floral designs are equally popular and impressive in summer.  You may try deep colored floral designed attires with comfortable footwear and light, easy make-up for a change.

 Mismatching floral

mismatched floral
Sku Code:12-5019KT891665, Price: $ 25.00

We get unexpected things when it comes to floral designs. A dress with various beautiful floral patterns sewn together is new and fascinating to many fashion lovers. This can be patchwork or prints featuring rather mismatched floral. Though mismatched, they gel well together along with a pair of heels or shoes.

 Floral with brush strokes

brush stroke printed florals
Sku Code:12-4685KT690893, Price: $25

This is the artistic influence of the designers, which created a myriad of brush stroke printed floral. This one is highly exquisite and imaginative as they hold certain uniqueness.

Okay, now for you we have a cool combination of dress helping you to rediscover the effortless kind of extraordinary in you.

 Take a Twist on whites:

floral-printed Kurti
Gray Printed Kurti: Sku Code:12-5019KT397975, Price: $25;
White Printed Kurti: Sku Code:12-4685KT656805, Price: $25

A floral-printed top will stand out brilliantly against your white bottoms. You can even wear the opposite, white top and floral printed bottom. Have fun with the playful floral prints and colors of whichever combination you decide to stick on. Team up with delicate floral earrings and graceful pair of footwear and a handbag. There you go, all set for an exciting day at the work place.

Say it loud and say it with flowers this summer. Do comment in the box. Stay cool, fit and freshly fashionable in summer!!

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