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Bold in White in this summer

Whites are cool. Do you agree? There are so many great trends to follow this season, but no trend screams summer the way white does. Many regards white as the palest shade but this shade is now turning up in shapes that are far more alluring than your regular wear shades and that too especially in summer.

Whites are always the predominant colour of summer, so brace your summer with white and add a touch of glam and elegance to your personality. Here are a few ways to bring whites into your wardrobe to have looks which are classic yet so, so glamorous and also surprisingly flattering!

The Jeggings

White Jeggings

Wear a white jeggings with a dark top. You can put on a jacket as well over the top but then the top should be of light colour and the jacket of deep colour. Wear a minimal makeup to give you a smart city look.

The Saree

White Saree
Sku Code:207-5165SA914527, Price: $ 72

If you want dramatic feminine style as well as sensual styles, get yourself a white georgette or chiffon saree with small floral prints, polka dots, stripes, etc. You may wear a deep gorgeous designer blouse and some heavy metallic ornaments with some natural make-up.

The Kurti

White Kurti
Sku Code:12-4685KT635864, Price: $25

Traditional and ethnic fashion style is loved by all. The white kurtis with denims or dark coloured leggings can be a damn combo for you to choose on a hot daytime of summer. A white kurti with chikankari will add to your elegance if chosen.

The Top

White Top

Image Source:

Where tops are concerned, white tops are always very soothing for a hot afternoon of a summer. Try white tops with various patterns to give you the chic look.

The Skirt

White Skirt

Image Source:

If you are an ardent fan of skirts, try white skirt with a different coloured border or a simple golden border or even a full plain skirt. Nothing can beat the gorgeous look and the comfort you will get in this cute attire.

The Handbag

White handbag
Sku Code:360-4839BG384272, Price: $105

We are talking about the clothes and will not talk about the accessories, are that possible? Not at all!!! Gorgeous attire with a gorgeous white handbag or clutch will make your summer completely worthy. Try the combo for once at least.

The Shoes

White Shoe

Image Source:

A pure white footwear and city streets are not a great combination for a happy wearer. But you can give it a try on a typical summer day, especially when you are off to a party. It is lively and something other to wear than black.

If you take a look at all these staple trends, all white is wonderful. It looks rich, elegant and sophisticated. Clothes look costly, especially when paired with golden accessories.
Loved this post? Leave a comment in the box with your suggestions of course. Stay cool and stylish in the summer.

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