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Ideal Ethnic Wear for Different Indian Body Shapes

Bingo! You have come to the right space. We are here to guide you of wearing ethnic clothes for different Indian body types. India is the country of loads of ethnic fashion, but you need to know which one would look the best for you, in accordance with your body shape. This space will narrow down your selection:

Hourglass shape women’s Ethnic wear:

We can start with the luckiest body type first. Every outfit is absolutely perfect for this curvaceous figure. This figure allows women to try different styles of ethnic dresses and appear ravishing too.

To wear

Anarkali Suit
Festival Anarkali Kameez: Sku Code:41-4858SL447842, Price: $405 , Kurti: Sku Code:260-3261KT735373, Price: $58

There is no such style that does not suit this body type.

Flared Anarkali suits and short kurtis brilliantly harmonize the beauty of this figure.

Not to

Very loose fitting outfits are not right for this sort of figure.

Tip: Have an experiment with retro style ethnic clothes, as these will look good for this body shape.

Apple shape women’s Ethnic wear

This body figure involves heavy lower body with slim arms and lucky curves.

To wear

Anarkali Kameez
Anarkali Kameez: Sku Code:368-5304SL431988, Price: $72, Kurti: Sku Code:12-5019KT718435, Price: $25

Women should go for dresses that focus on their upper body.

Anarkali salwar kameez is the most suitable stylish attire.

Similarly, you can as well opt for A-line kurtis with a V- neck.

Not to

Tight fitted clothes from waist, a collared or heavy neckline are strict no-no.

Tip: Try to avoid any heavy neck accessories as they will draw attention to the upper body.

Pear shaped women’s Ethnic wear

Pear has a triangular form and one can have a figure of pear shape with narrow shoulders and a voluminous lower body part. Women of these sorts should focus on their slim upper portion.

To wear

Anarkali Kameez
Sku Code:243-5216SL978664, price: $73

An Anarkali suit which has layers, Patiala kameez, and embroidered necklines are entirely suited.

These types of figures are needed to be flaunted in an appropriate way, so it is good to opt for lighter shades clothes.

Not to

Tight fitted clothes with narrow bottom should not be opted

Tip: You can go for longer kurtis as they will add length to body.

Rectangular shaped women’s Ethnic wear

This type of body shape has no curves to highlight. It is the straight body type.

To wear

Anarkali Kameez
Off-white Anarkali Kameez: Sku Code:343-3603SL761225, Price: $88, Light Gray and Black Anarkali Kameez: Sku Code:343-3603SL475179, Price $75

Broad necked kurtis and Anarkalis are best clothes to conceal the flaws in this figure with a style and beauty.

There are lots of designer dresses specially designed for this figure in brighter shades.

Not to

Don’t wear clothes which are too tight or too loose

Tip: Try to avoid clothes which have darts at the waist and bust.

Now that you are acquainted with the right attires for your body figure, you can opt for any ethnic styles that suit you the best!!

Do not fail to comment in this space and give your suggestions. Stay fit and fashionable to try different ethnic styles!!


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