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Mix and Match – The Trend

The temperatures soaring off the roof indicates one thing, summer has formally here. As there is not a great deal one can do regarding the harsh heat and sticky humidity, so what you can do is just sit back and enjoy Mother Nature and all the fashion that this season has to offer to you.

Summer dressing is all about having fun with clothes. Your wardrobe may already be full of stripes, florals, plaids and dots patterns. On this summer, we recommend you to step out of your comfort zone and discover the vast world of mix and match. When done accurately, mix and match can look crazily high-fashioned and exhale in some life in your wardrobe. Here’s how you can go mega chic with mix and match.

Mixing prints and patterns have just been a fashion favourite for quite a few years. Various Indian designers’ collection offers a world of design prints to choose from like flowers, birds, fruits, Aztec, geometrical designs and digital.

Sku Code:12-5019KT386773, Price: $25

Indo-Western clothing is one of the trendiest styling favourites across the country. Together with the dress, skirts, shorts and pants, a vast variety of tunics, kurtis, churidars and sarees, make the collection very fashion friendly.

Sku Code:374-4457KT29963, Price: $25
Sku Code:374-4457KT29963, Price: $25

For the elegant fashionistas, we suggest you to go for chick prints of black and white for a sophisticated take on the phenomenon of mix and match.

Sku Code:51-5315SL863492, Price: $53

If you are a fan of stripes, go for a striped top with a skirt or a striped kurti white a white or any other matching colour leggings. This mix and match keeps things attractive and extremely fashion forward.

Sku Code:12-5019KT723445, Price: $25
Sku Code:12-5019KT723445, Price: $25

If you want some adventurous clothing, we will suggest you to go for the big bold prints for the upper and a contrasting pattern for the bottom.

Sku Code:372-5319SL951254, Price: $18
Sku Code:372-5319SL951254, Price: $18

The new in fashion printed pants have become our weakness. Wear them and also take a step forward in style with a top of the same shade but of different print to enhance the show.

Sku Code:372-5317SL934333, price: $20
Sku Code:372-5317SL934333, price: $20

This is the super simple mix we can offer to you as the option. Have the mix and match of polka dots and floral prints of top and bottom and add to this playfulness with shoes of a similar pattern either on the top or bottom.

Sku Code:88-4705SL434875, price: $35
Sku Code:88-4705SL434875, price: $35

Embrace prints and colour by going for some brave look of bright hued pieces and bold prints this summer as the new fashion trend. Comment in the box. Stay fashionable with different mix and match outfits throughout this season!!

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