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For Brides to Be: Wedding Dresses with Lace Overlay

A wedding dress has sentimental value for the bride. It stays with her all her life and brings back special memories every time she sees it.

Dear brides, the wedding dress doesn’t have to cost a fortune but it doesn’t have to look cheap either. But it indeed has to be special and capable to make people go aww when they see you.

Don’t believe us? Take a stroll down your memory lane and see how beautiful and ethereal Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton looked in her lace wedding gown?

Nope, we would never tell you to go for an overall lace ensemble as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna but all we are asking you to incorporate lace overlay to do wonder to your wedding trousseau. Need some cue?

Read on.

Corset Lace Details:

Image Source:
Image Source:

Regardless of what style you are wearing, A-line dress, ball gown, mermaid style gown or ballerina gown, you can use some lace as a bow or ribbon to provide you a pretty silhouette as well as a style. If you want to go with vintage corset look, opt for silk lace in the same color of your wedding dress. If not, go with contrast color and let the world see your quirky side!

Lace and Pearls:

Sku Code:192-4973LL980695, Price: $137
Sku Code:192-4973LL980695, Price: $137

Lace and pearls add romanticism to your wedding dress. You can add beaded lace on the upper region of dress or create a sequin-based lace overlay on the gown for a more royal look.

Lace Saree Blouse Sleeves:

Sku Code:371-4299SA599786, Price: $171
Sku Code:371-4299SA599786, Price: $171

If you are wearing Indian ethnic dress as saree, you have plenty of scope for lace detailing. Lace blouses for sarees are the preferred fashion trends among Bollywood celebs. You can go for short scalloped lace sleeves blouse. If you are wearing a heavy silk saree, keep your blouse as simple as possible. Go for open back blouse with lace panels and net detailing. Off-shoulder blouse with lace accentuates the entire look.

Back Detailing with lace:

Image Source:
Image Source:

Risqué and bold, the back detailing spells magic. Delicate lace detailing with buttons or floral applique with sequins can make your back look even more gorgeous! Sleeveless gown with illusion back details of lace and beads give a feminine as well as delicate look.

Plunging neckline and lace cover-up:

Sku Code:385-5214LL714002, Price: $422
Sku Code:385-5214LL714002, Price: $422

The modern wedding dresses have come a long way. They don’t make ordinary wedding dresses anymore but everything they do suit modern sensibilities and preferences. Plunging necklines are in vogue for wedding dresses. Yes, the trend which was once boasted to be the favorite kid of red carpet and Hollywood celebs is now on the streets. However, in more adaptable form as the neckline is usually covered with body tape and beaded lace for an elegant appearance. If you think you can carry one, go ahead for a modest skin show that will only add to the oomph and glamour quotient of the occasion.

Liked what you read? Need more ideas on to rock your wedding dress? Drop us a mail on ______ or share your feedback in the comment section.

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