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Summer Genius: Five pastels to own

Whites are best for summer, that’s what we all know. They are the fun of the summer. But is it possible for you to fashion in white every day, with so much dust and pollution on the city roads?

The sun god is working overtime to ensure that he gets noticed and talked about everyday by all of us. Every morning we wake up and search for that piece of clothing that will be soothing to our eyes and comfortable to wear.

Pastel shades are synonymous with summertime. Don’t you think they are? These shades bring a perfect choice of the kind of summer you have in mind and also for the lazy days, we know the summer brings. Indeed, the pastel shades will make the summer fashion worthy.

Pink Pastel Prop

Pink Saree
Sku Code:10-5418SA660755, Price:$47

Pink pastel dresses are here to sweeten up your summer. Most of you must be in love with pink. But when the shade is pink pastel, all the dresses look minimal and effortless for the season.

 Bright Yellow Pastel

Yellow Saree
Sku Code:293-5430SA580649, Price:$32

Add a new life to your wardrobe with pastel yellow hues. Wear your favourite dresses of this shade from head to toe. You can spice up your looks with some lavish pieces of jewellery. But as this is summer, try to keep your look cool.

 Angelic Pastel Blue

Blue Salwar
Sku Code:372-5356SL886428, Price:$40

Complimenting blue pastel shade with some dark with earthy neutrals like beige, warm brown, camel and sand will bring instant success in summer fashion for you.

Delicate Pastel Green

Green Kurti
Sku Code:12-5019KT151609, Price:$25

This is a pretty soothing pastel shade for summer fashion. This can be also called delicate natural shade. If you are in love for kurtis, go for pastel green coloured kurtis with some minimal jewellery complimenting it.

Magical Magenta Pastel

Magenta Saree
Sku Code:315-5413SA724833, Price:$28

This is a cozy and magical pastel shade loved by many for your summer fashion. Opt this pastel shade for sarees and give a simple hot look to yourself. Dress in floral magenta pastel shade for your next summer party and rule the floor.


Playing with pastel shades aim for timeless simplicity, but it also add a bold tinge of fashion to balance off your look. Ensure all the pastel shades you are wearing share the same level of intensity. Off course, do not wear all the pastel shades you have in your wardrobe or have bought to wear at the same time. It will probably appear as rainbow fashion.

Voice your opinions and suggestions in the comment box. Stay cool and fashionable in the summer with pastels!!!!

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