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5 Drool-worthy Hairstyles to sport Sarees

Selecting a hairstyle suitable to stick with a saree is a concern for most of you all who wear saree on occasions.  In India, when you are preparing for an occasion, it’s not just the saree you are concerned with, but also the make-up, accessories, and most importantly your hair-do.

The most evident, favored and beloved way of styling your hair is to let the hair loose and open, but surely you would like to explore more options of hairstyling which goes with a saree comfortably. Here are 5 hair-dos out of innumerable:

Classic High/Low Bun


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This is the most perfect for all types of Indian occasion to go with saree. This classic bun style gives you a traditional and decent look. Whether you do low bun or high bun, putting on  beautiful flowers in the bun will be just the thing with saree.

Side Braid


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This hair-do does not ever go out of fashion. You just need to brush your hair to any side you like and make a braid of your favourite style. Just leave a few strands of hair in the front to add an extra charm on your look.

Fish Tail Braid


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If you are going to an evening party ad want to have a trendy and chic look, you can go for a fish tail braid hairstyle. This braid can be done in different varieties. Also, this gives you an appearance of a modern lady.



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Bangs are although extremely high fashion, but they are very much compatible with sarees. You can go for straight bangs or side curl bangs. The choice of lying your hair is up to you. If you have a prominent forehead, this hair styling will be great for you.

Simple Plaits


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Plaits are the simplest and the oldest hair-do that have existed. For the ones who have suitably long hair, braids would be an ideal form of hair style. For any formal occasion, a simple braid decorated with white flower garland will be great with saree. You can try various styles of plaits suiting the look and the saree you want to carry.

Just don’t forget to untangle your hair and clear all the knots before any styling with your hair. This will make your hair look much neater.

Love experimenting with your hair styles? Comment in the box and share with us the hair styles you prefer the most with sarees. Stay lovely and fashionable with all the lovely hairstyles!!!

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