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Nostalgic Trip to B Fashion 60’s

Hey all!! If you are fashionistas then you are hell sure to that our “Bollywood” is not just the means of entertainment, it has been guiding you in fashion since decades. Nearly each Friday some of the Bollywood movies release. These movies especially the big budgeted movies has for long put forth a deep impact on popular Indian fashion. Whenever a movie releases and it becomes a blockbuster, the fashion trend created by the actor or actress playing in the movie also becomes a hit. You eagerly follow those fashion trends and order outfit designs to the tailors based on movies.

It is said that the era of 60’s in Bollywood is one of the hot and colourful era in fashion. It was the perfect blend of east and west. Read on some of the popular styles of this era that made the hearts of the young girls of that time goes into a flip.

Body hugging churidars


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If you remember Sadhana in Yash Chopra’s “Waqt” in 1965, Asha Parekh in “Love in Tokyo” or Vyjanthimala in “Jewel Thief” they wore tight sleeveless churidar kurti hugging their figures. This attire got immensely popular amongst the youngsters of our country. This was the style adopted by the actresses having curvaceous body.

Mumtaz sarees


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The saree Mumtaz wore in the song “Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche Har Zubaan Par“of 1968 film “Brahmachari”, OMG what a craze it had created at the time. The praise of that orange saree was on the lips of every women of that era and even now.

Beehive hairstyles


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Not just the attires of 60’s went into a popular mode, but the puffy hair style Bollywood followed were equally trendy. It was actress Saira Banu, who brought this hairstyle in her film “Junglee” in 1961 and made it popular. Another hair cut known as Sadhana cut made Sadhana style icon quickly for girls longed to get the similar haircut from her film “Love in Shimla” in 1960.

Winged shaped eyeliner


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If you see someone with winged eyeliner, just like the one Saira Banu introduced in her film “Junglee”, get sure you are seeing someone carrying out 60’s style even at the present era of fashion.

What do you think of this colour era of Bollywood fashion? Share your views in the box. Stay fashionable just like Bollywood!!!

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