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Why draping saree is not against modern fashion trend?

Mention the word SAREE and you will have the total attention of all the female folks around you directed towards you. You must be aware why this word or rather this Indian traditional apparel has this effect on women? No other kind of apparel brings out the ideal feminine effect as effectively and sensually as a saree does.

As the title of this blog-post suggests we have a question here, of which we need to find an answer. An interesting saree drape is always the blessed conversation starter in a party or any other special occasion. Most often there is some sort of innovation in saree draping styles. Let us explore the modern trends in the draping of saree with lots fusions:

Saree with a jacket or stylish shirt:


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This is one of the trendiest makeover of the draping of saree. A jacket or a shirt is an interesting manner to give a saree a vintage twist. Actors like Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made this style quite popular for the younger generation.

Saree over pants, leggings or palazzos:


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Draping of saree seems to be really reinvented. A saree can be personalised by a fusion of pants, leggings or palazzos and saree. It is a quirky and fun fusion which is getting a high popularity in parties nowadays. This is also one of the stylish look invented in saree.

A chic statement with a tunic or quirky blouse:


Image Source:

The fashion weeks witness some intricately challenging style statements. Among the variety of saree drape these days one of them is with a tunic or quirky blouse. Various versions of quirky blouses and tunics are successfully paired to drape with a saree instead of the regular blouses and not to mention they also put in the peplum style to the saree.

Saree with glamorous belt for a glamorous look:


Image Source:

Have you ever imagined of wearing a belt on your sarees? Nahhhh? Better glance on the brainstormed inventions and a dramatic revolution for sarees of designers like Yogesh Chaudhry, Vikram Phadnis and Anushka Khanna. Many fashion experts are of the opinion that there is no apparel that the appropriate belt cannot improve upon.

Hope that now you can safely accept the fact that draping saree is not against modern fashion trend as the constant innovating ideas floating in fashion world does not allow saree to split out of attention of the fashion followers. What are your views? Share with us. Stay tuned for more entrancing pieces. Stay fashionable!!!!

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