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Top 5 Red Carpet Inspired Hairstyles

When you settle on to have a new hairdo, your affinity is to dwell on your beloved celeb inspired style as they look very beautiful, elegant and romantic. A messy bun or a ponytail, a trendy braid or just the loose hair, a stunning hairstyle is just a few bobby pins away from you.

Get inspiration of your next hairdo from the red carpet for your next formal event. Have a look on these 5 red carpet inspired hairstyles:

Puffy Ponytails


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Ponytails are easy hairdo, and are in fashion all the time. With the fresh fashion trends, changing trends and new makeup, ponytails have managed to retain its charm till date even in the red carpet. They have the ability to be styled in puffy or any fashion you can think off. And it is a promise that you will look amazing.

High Bun

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A bun is a hairdo that every woman should know. Buns are fun and if they are high ones they look even unusual style in the red carpet for the celebs. You can too try this style at an evening party of yours with either a pure Indian wear or western gown types of attire. Indo-western attires can complement a high bun as well.

Low Messy Bun


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Messy hair is a sort of careless beauty. It is a totally chic and stylish look that suits many occasions. A low messy bun is both messy and elegant at the same time. You can pull out one or two strands of wispy layers just like the red carpet celebs do to keep it casual, but chic enough to rule a party.

Wonderful Wavy


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If you have naturally wavy hair, then setting it loose for any occasion is the best hairdo you can have. For the red carpet celebs, this style is one of the favourite. With many hair accessories complimenting the attire and the hair itself, this is one of the gorgeous and elegant hairdos for you.

Braided Beauty


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This is a highly popular hairstyle, giving you the most charming look at any special occasion. A braid reflects strong sense of personal style and so, is favourite for many celebs and they work on it for their red carpet. For you, there are lots of braid’s style to try with hair accessories suiting your persona and attire.

Are you a ponytail or a low bun kind of girl? Which of these red carpet hairdos will you be trying out soon? Let us know below!!!

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