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Orange is the new black: Pick your favourite

Hello, lovely ladies! The colours which you wear are an expression of your mood, isn’t it? The dazzling colours are out of the wardrobe when the mood is cheerful and bubbly.

Bold, stylish, vibrant and powerful!!! Orange, a zesty shade, is capable of infusing burst of happiness in your wardrobe and life. Orange is set to be one of the biggest colour trends. Let us start envisioning how a beautiful lady like you can carry orange fashion.

Need a little shove to get your wings of thoughts to start flapping? Here you go!

Simply orange

Sku Code:92-5417SL83005, price: $234
Sku Code:92-5417SL83005, price: $234

Want to go hassle-free to any festival or even to your office? A simple orange coloured kurti will get you all the attention you desire. In case, you don’t feel like going too sober add some extras in form of a contrasting coloured sling bag, some accessories and a pair of wedges.

Pretty in orange

Sku Code:377-5545SA748521, price: $34
Sku Code:377-5545SA748521, price: $34

Simple, sober elegant and stylish: four strong features that define a lovely look wearing full pastel orange saree. With pair of tear drop earrings and a pair of sober high heels, you just can’t go in the wrong.

Theme of orange

Sku Code:223-5627SL873212, price: $83
Sku Code:223-5627SL873212, price: $83

Going for a theme party and the theme is orange? Get a coral orange outfit for the occasion. Don’t forget to carry matching accessories and bag along. Give some attention to your pretty feet as well, by wearing a pair of bright heels.


Standing tall in orange

Sku Code:314-5562GW81357, price: $112
Sku Code:314-5562GW81357, price: $112

Let aside all the mention of the dresses, a right pair of shoes will accentuate your personality as well as give you full scope to make you look taller. Go a bit Indo-western here; team a super dark orange shaded pair of heels with gown.


An affair with orange

Sku Code:223-5612SL948968, price: $127
Sku Code:223-5612SL948968, price: $127

Another definite must have for your wardrobe. An orange coloured apparel, maybe it’s Indian, western or Indo-western apparel with either some dark contrasting colours shoes as well as accessories. You will look simply perfect.


Go ahead with the orange fashion soon make it a definite part of your wardrobe. Share your views with us and stay cool and fashionable!!!


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