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Most admired Indian Traditional wear for women after saree

Oh gosh! It’s again a traditional party invitation. What am I supposed to wear there? Yeah, yeah! We know that this is the most common ranting and ravings of all ladies who are at this moment glued to this blog post.

Let us assume that for a change you do not want to get draped in a saree, the main traditional wear of our country. Oh well then! Let us get started with the fashion exploration and see what popular Indian traditional wear other than saree is?

Salwar kameez! Yeah you read it right. It is one of the most popular Indian ethnic and traditional wear after saree. For your information, we would like to tell you that basically women of Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh wear this traditional dress. But the thing is now this has become extremely popular around the entire country.

Let us share some basics that would help to decide a perfect Salwar Kameez for you:

Care for the length:

Sku Code: 372-5436SL676325, Price: $22
Sku Code: 372-5436SL676325, Price: $22

The length of the Kameez should be enough. Kameez of long length do appear nice but not with a salwar as the bottom. The right trend of length of a kameez is just below knees.

Select the right fabric:

Sku Code: 199-3768SL141657, price: $41
Sku Code: 199-3768SL141657, price: $41

Fabrics of light weight will help you to appear slimmer. Try to avoid tissue and net, if you are not slim. If you are extremely slim, avoid fabrics such as cotton and chiffon as they tend to cling to body making you look slimmer, which isn’t good.

Sleeves length:

Sku Code: 314-4049SL564250, Price: $66
Sku Code: 314-4049SL564250, Price: $66

With your arms heavy (if), never go for a sleeveless kameez. Sleeves with full length will make your flabby arms look a little toned down. And if your arms are thin, try different length and designs on your sleeves such as baggy or frilled.

Select right colour:

Sku Code: 307-4557SL662941, Price: $66
Sku Code: 307-4557SL662941, Price: $66

Dark colors like blue, green and maroon help you appear slimmer and neat. Do not go for extra dark colors if you’ve dark skin tone. Pastel colors like aqua, soft green and peach will look really soothing if you are slim and fair.

Select right style:

Large number of styles of salwar kameez are available such as asymmetrical, A-shaped, Chinese and all that. Be sure to make the appropriate selection that would go by your body shape. What is trendy may not look good on you.

We told you the basics of wearing Salwar Kameez. Now, it is your turn to experiment. What are you waiting for? Get ready and start shopping, but off course first share your views with us and stay fashionable!

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