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Global Influence on Bollywood Fashion Style

Hey you, all the fashionistas! You know that the large part of the Indian cinema is based on global influence, whether it is the plot of movies, special effects or fashion statements. Your fashion statements are mostly and influenced by Bollywood, likewise Bollywood fashion statement is influenced by the global fashion trends.

Bollywood fashion trends have been constantly changing due to various factors which are globally related. Bollywood fashion has immense popularity as it absorbs most of the foreign components, styles and designs in a manner that they seem to be the inherent part of fashion. Are you all the eyes for some moments? Then read on some factors:


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India has cultural diversities which has made Bollywood very open-minded. Bollywood learn the distinct style of dressing from various global ethnic groups coming to India. It makes Bollywood more experimental about their fashion statement like various kinds of experiments with sarees.

International Fashion Pageants and Bollywood

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Many Bollywood divas have made their mark by winning plenty of fashion pageants of global level. These divas wear numerous types of dresses which are typically influenced globally in designs and styles. This encourages global elements in Bollywood fashion industry and among the actors.

Overseas Education, Tours or Business Opportunities

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You can see lots of Bollywood celebs going abroad for education, tour or setting up business opportunities. These celebs also add to the global impact on Bollywood fashion style statement. When these celebs come back to India, they bring a few traces of culture from the countries they have visited along with them which later on is spread through the ace fashion designers just like Rohit Bal presenting his designs with a touch of western countries.

Participating in the Awards ceremonies

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Bollywood movies are getting well acclaimed in the global market resulting in their nominations in the international level. Bollywood celebs attend these awards platform keeping global fashion in mind along with pure Indian fashion. Have you noticed Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Cannes Film Festival?


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Our world has become a global village where all the countries are engaged in importing and exporting. Along with materials and stuffs, cultural elements and fashion trends also gets delivered. And our Bollywood takes the first shipment of the importing fashion trends. Just notice the indo-western dresses of our celebs wear at any event.

So, that is all folks about all the mulling of factors of global influence on Bollywood fashion. Did we miss any? Share them with us. In the mean stay fashionable!!

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