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New Ways of Draping Saree

Do you have a shy attitude or bold? This doesn’t really matter if you are a social bird. It is the characteristic of women to be loved to get noticed. Whether it is a festival, wedding or a social party, these are the occasions to get complimented on your attire.

Believe it or not, the days of fussing over draping a saree is over for you. The different styles of draping a simple saree in an appealing way bring out a fascinating look which is a bit that all you girls will find attractive. Saree draping is fun. The basic is easy as well. Take a look in some newly unique ways of draping a saree:

Modern Double Saree Drape

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Image Source:

This one is ultra-modern drape of saree developed by designer Shaina N.C. This draping combines two complimenting or contrasting colour sarees. This is a great alternative to the traditional single style of draping providing a voluminous and distinctive look.

Sheers over Lehengas

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Ace designer Manish Malhotra became instrumental in bringing this idea of draping. In this style you just need to pair a lehenga with a sheer saree. With this modern draping style, you look perfect for a social gathering and just see how fast all eyes turn to you.

Modern Dhoti Saree Drape

Image Source:
Image Source:

The creator of this modern drape is designer Tarun Tahiliani at BMW’s India Bridal Fashion Week 2014. This is a perfect combination dhoti pants and the pallu of sarees, making it a reinvention of saree draping. You will just fall in love with this arrangement. You can wear it with a waist coat making it look fantabulous.

Full Body Wrap Drape

Image Source:
Image Source:

While the traditional saree draping includes pleating of the saree and wrapping it around the waist, this style of draping includes the wrapping of saree all over the body. This is one of the elegant styles of draping you can try for parties. This style tends to accentuate your body shape well making you look gorgeous.

The Belted Saree Draping

Image Source:
Image Source:

This belted Kiran Uttam Ghosh saree draping creation is extremely stylish. Drape a gorgeous saree in any of your favourite style and wear an ornate belt with it.

What is your favourite style? Keep watching this space for more of these kinds of posts coming soon. Stay fit and fashionable till then!!

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