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Fashion Struggles for Short Women

“I am not short! My height is just cute.”

Are you sad for being short height? Don’t be. It won’t increase your height but in addition make you feel more stressed out. For every woman, clothing is the major component of showing off their elegance. If you are short, you have to struggle to find clothes that suit you and fit perfectly.

If you are a short height woman, the first thing you need to do is to stop pitying yourself. At the recent days there are elegant, fashionable and trendy clothing found in the market, designed by various genres of designers, to flaunt your persona in spite of your height. Here are some great quick tips for you:

Sku Code: 405-5749SL718834, Price:$31
Sku Code: 405-5749SL718834, Price:$31

Select the right colours. Dark colours give a lengthier, slimmer effect. When picking out clothes suiting your short height, ensure you decide on simpler patterns and darker colours. Attires with embellishments and bold patterns can make you feel tiny.

Select the correct size. Most of the dresses in the high street stores are designed for catering average women, so most likely they have broad shoulder and wide waists. You need clothes to accentuate your figure and make you look appealing, so do not just buy what looks good. Find something that fits your shape.

Sku Code: 12-5019KT940635, Price:$25
Sku Code: 12-5019KT940635, Price:$25

Opt for a good fit. Well fitted dresses make short height women really stand out of the crowd. Picking out loose attire is not an excellent idea. Search for jackets, pants, dresses, Indian dresses, western dresses and indo-western dresses which will provide a comfortable fit around the waist and the shoulders.

Sku Code: 88-5750SL158725, Price:$29
Sku Code: 88-5750SL158725, Price:$29

Opt for the right lines. Short women can truly carry off vertical lines. They appear great in attires with stripes as they make their slighter frame look taller and slimmer. Choose dresses with vertical lines, you can also go for blacks and whites and embellish the attire with bright yet small accessories.

Flaunt your right features. Tall women usually go for short skirts to flaunt off their legs and as a short height woman, you also have features you can flaunt. If you have great arms, opt for dresses that help you show them off!

So that is all for now. Share your views with us and also any other suggestion we missed out in the comment box below. Stay fashionable until we meet next.

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