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Just Like Royal Bride

Hey divas, welcome back! Indian wedding means myriad of festivities with utmost enthusiasm. Decorated horses, camels and elephants, heavily embroidered bridal garments, flowery garlands, eateries, decorations, bands and other delights make weddings interesting attractions in our country.

Don’t you all love the classic and contemporary Royal Bridal look at any Indian Wedding venues, just like the royal princesses of our nation? You must have seen the talented and famous Indian designers experimenting with the royal wedding dresses and many of them following the trend.

The velvets and silks, zardozis, extensive fine hand heavy embroideries, anarkalis, lehengas, sarees are the classic and timeless example for royal Indian bridal wears. Here we go with some little qualities that a royal wedding dress, a dress that an Indian princess wears, has and which will make up your wedding attire a complete charm on your wedding day:

Royal colours

Sku Code: 398-5663LL245187, Price: $1326
Sku Code: 398-5663LL245187, Price: $1326

Pure red, brick red, maroon, orange, yellow, peacock blue, royal blue, fuchsia, emerald green and navy blue are the most popular colours for the Royal Wedding attires dress. Most of this gen designers use these colours or some of the deep colours from the colour palette for designing a royal wedding outfit.

Designs and fabrics

Source : Traditional bridal Banarasi silks found on
Source : Traditional bridal Banarasi silks found on

You will have plenty of fabrics such as zari, brocade, raw silk, jamavwar, banarasi silk, velvet which are used to create some great bridal outfits by the designers. Lehengas and sarees with great amount of detailing, incomparable craftsmanship and lots and lots of embellishments, make them a wearable art.

Combo of red and gold

Sku Code: 385-5748LL280103, Price: $363
Sku Code: 385-5748LL280103, Price: $363

If you are opting for a look of Royal Indian for your bridal attire, try pure red attire with the fusion of gold, silver or copper. Patches of gold, golden borders and antique heavy embroideries with golden and silver threads adds a royal charm to the bridal wear.

The royal accessories


Without accessories the royal look is incomplete for wedding. The accessories include mang teeka (a must), heavy jhumkas and necklaces, chooras or bangles, armlets, waistbands, a bold bindi, royal bridal dupatta etc. Waistbands look perfect when the royal attire is lehenga.

Let us know if you celebrated your wedding with the royal look and royal attire. Leave your comment and suggestion in the comment section below. Stay stylish!

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