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Embrace Your Plus Size

Hey, beautiful ladies!! This is for all those women who do not want to join the group of size zero. If you are a plus size woman, the first thing you need to do is to stop pitying yourself. At the recent days, with the right style or fit, the season’s trends can work well on your plus sized body.

You as a plus size woman can easily know the fundamentals of hiding certain parts of your body with the help of the season’s trend. It is not necessary for you to go behind boring and baggy clothes, as they will in fact exaggerate the weight. As it is said “the shape is the key”, something fitted in black and white will look “beautiful on your curves”. Look on some fashion trends for you:

Colour wheel

Sku Code: 99-5773SA357158, Price: $34
Sku Code: 99-5773SA357158, Price: $34

Colour can play an important role in playing hide and seek with the weight. Selecting dark colour fabrics and small patterns will also help in hiding the parts of the body which are required to be hidden.

Striking designs

Sku Code: 12-4685KT191954, Price: $25
Sku Code: 12-4685KT191954, Price: $25

It is better to be dressed in clean cuts and classic designs that can transform you to be a classic, chic and elegant woman being plus size. Give some fun in the designs and patterns with digital graphics, stylish stripes and that too colourful ones

Kurti power

Sku Code: 12-4477KT530936, Price: $25
Sku Code: 12-4477KT530936, Price: $25

Choose a longer kurti or top to hide your belly, if you have no intention to show it off or even highlight it to some extent. You will find V-neck tops or kurtis suit well with a plus sized woman. You can wear them, if you like them.

Whitey Whites

Sku Code: 395-5798SA878942, Price: $101
Sku Code: 395-5798SA878942, Price: $101

As classy as black, white has always been one timeless colour that always in style. Start making your wardrobe must-have all about Whites. If the all-white is just a bit too much for you, break it up with blast of colours

Plush pastels

Sku Code: 99-5773SA907430, Price: $42
Sku Code: 99-5773SA907430, Price: $42

Wearing pastels evokes romanticism perfectly and will always make you look like a woman in love. Pick your most flattering colour and wear it with whatever accessory flatters you. You can try for this for different occasions with different outfits.

A sizable tip for you:

You, being a plus sized woman, should never wear tight or oversized clothing. You must know your size and purchase your clothes accordingly.

Dare to follow these trends now? Stay updated to this space for more! Leave your comments and also share your trendy ways with us. Stay stylish!

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