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Weave a Global Market for Handlooms

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, “Weave a Global Market for Handlooms”

Hey scoopers! We are back again with a fashion related scoop. Do you know when was Swadeshi Movement launched? It was on 7th August 1905. To mark this day as special Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared it as the National Handloom Day.

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Indian handloom has been known for at least time immemorial. The muslins of our country are one of the finest hand woven fabrics. Though India is famous for its textiles from the ancient times, only a few has survived the long journey at present.

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Handlooms are a key craft product and include the largest cottage trade of the nation. Millions of handlooms across the nation are engaged in weaving silk, cotton as well as other natural fibres. There is barely a village in the nation where weavers do not live, each weaving out the traditional splendour of India’s own valuable heritage.

And thus, PM Modi unveiled the “Indian Handloom” brand at an event in “The Detroit of India”, Chennai on 7th August. In his speech to the audience he said that the brand will help weavers cater to more and more markets globally.

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PM requested the youths, movie stars and others for the use of the handloom products and gives the most required boost to the sector. “If movie actors decide to use only handloom and handicraft products in one out of their five movies, then those movies will automatically attract good viewership,” Modi said. The film industry plays a major role in the popularizing of fashion.

According to our PM, this gen youths shop online, our handloom product should be made available online for better market positioning and sale. PM said that he is branding handloom products as Indian handloom products lack the worldwide branding.

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Indian handloom day is to be celebrated every year on 7th August starting from this year to cause universal consciousness about the significance of handloom industry, a part of the nation’s rich culture and heritage. Modi went to the Madras University Centenary Auditorium for the launch of the event arriving at a special aircraft from New Delhi> he was received by Tamil Nadu Governor K. Rosaiah, Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa and her cabinet members at the airport.

Thus, this was the scoop related to fashion and our honorable PM promoting our heritage, handloom products, on the 110th year of the Swadeshi movement. Stay glued to this space for more fashion scoops. Till then stay stylish!

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