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Play Trendy with Blouses

Hey beautiful, tell us something! What is a saree without a trendy blouse? Saree is infused with Indian culture from ancient times and is primarily derived from the Indian ethnicity. And along with saree blouse plays a very significant component for this Indian traditional garment of women.

No issue how stunning a saree is, the unusually pleasing to one’s eye and the charm of this Indian traditional women’s attire bang out only when you coordinate a saree with a designer blouse in perfect fit.

Blouse, being a significant part of your saree draping consists of lots of styles and designs to the overall look of them. Have some ideas about trendy blouses so that you can play around at any occasion with the patterns of blouse and add grace to it. Have a quick look:

Plainly Plain

Image Source:
Image Source:

For a very important and informal occasion, you can opt for a blouse with slightest amount of specific embroidery and elaborations. A fine choice of a simple yet beautiful saree along with a matching blouse with plain designs and cuts can do wonders in improving your appeal at any occasion.

Hugging Halter

Image Source:
Image Source:

And if you’re anxious in giving a non-traditional appearance to your traditional saree, you can opt for halter neck blouses. By this, you not only maintain the grace of the saree style, which have been warily maintained by elder gen all these days, but such blouse design freely cause you to feel young and gleaming as well.

Stylish Spaghetti Straps

Image Source:
Image Source:

This is for you all, if you take fashion damn seriously. If you belong to the new gen, you are always trying to find excuse to stay in fashion. This ultra stylish blouse design is capable of making you look trendy even with a traditional wear. You can opt for this style if you have a great collar bone to show-off.

Transparent or Sheer Full Sleeves

Image Source:
Image Source:

This is an extreme versatile design of blouse that goes well with every age women and every body type. Just in case you are not aware of, this fashion is on and off since ages. The sheer sleeves blouses are in trend nowadays, generally made of sheer fabric or net. This style not just emphasizes the feminism in you but even hide your flaws tactically.

The blouses which are particularly designed by our fashion designers have taken this concept of trendy blouses to the next level. You must have noticed that our Bollywood celebs always love to flaunt the designer blouse rather than the sarees they wear. For occasions like weddings, blouses are often worn in various ways and they are forever appreciated by the Indian and global audience.

What is your style of blouse for a special occasion? Share them with in the comment box and stay stylish till the next post.

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