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Ras Dandiya and All the Plus-Size

Hey! You are running out of time. Festival season has officially begun, with Navratri knocking at your door. Whether you are actually attending the celebration galore or just experiencing dandiya events while watching all the excitement on live stream, everyone can agree that celebration trend statement absolutely stays.

Surely lots of fashion trend statements do not suit you, if you are plus size. If you are curvy, be sure that curves are hot for women. And for men they are cool and cute. When festival is round the corner, stop thinking about how to look lean and concentrate on your dresses of Ras Dandiya which will make you look gracious and ready for shaking legs at the event.

That is why your plus size guide is here. You can thank us later. But first check these amazing style tips every plus sized person should follow for flawless festival fashion:

Rock out in floral style

Sku Code: 395-6126SL390547, price: $49
Sku Code: 395-6126SL390547, price: $49

Whatever you wear for the dandiya night, whether you are a man or a woman of plus size wear ethnic clothes with floral patterns. Floral patterns help to hide the extras of your body. Plus sized men can wear kurta and women can wear salwar kameez of floral pattern and shake their legs in the tune of garba songs.

Dark coloured traditional outfit

Sku Code: 343-6153SL408826, price: $41
Sku Code: 343-6153SL408826, price: $41

Everyone looks great in traditional outfit and if you are plus size you look cute with your extras. Really, that’s truth. The traditional garba outfit, the kafni pyjamas with a ghagra for men and chaniya choli with dupattas for women of dark colours will look great on you. This is the flavour of Gujarat. Dark colours hide your extras.

Belts and jackets

Sku Code: 420-6119SL133653, price: $55
Sku Code: 420-6119SL133653, price: $55

Wear belts to highlight your waistline or jackets if you are too conscious to wear sleeveless dresses for your dandiya night. This will add punk to your look. Wear traditional jackets with mirror works on them to get to the ambience of the dandiya night.


If you are a fan of denim, you are young and you are plus size, both males and females wear dark coloured denims. It looks best on plus-size men and women as it flatters the bodyline.

Sku Code: 198-5967SH596946, Price: $49.70
Sku Code: 198-5967SH596946, Price: $49.70

It is important to accessorise your outfit right to complete the look you are aiming for.  You should compliment your dresses with embroidered potlis and mojris.

What are you going to try at this Ras Dandiya event as your trendy fashion statement? Tell us in the comment box below! Be fashionable for the festival!


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