Junior n Senior “ME” fashion

“Hey Mummy, are you ready? Here, let the world adore us!”

“Oh dear, so cute! She is definitely ‘Junior you’. Same eyes, same nose and same facial expression!! And even both of you have worn the same dress”

Hey all the beautiful ladies and their cute little or big girls. It is fun to see you and your daughters wearing same clothes for a special occasion of yours. Have you ever decked up as your daughter or dressed up your daughter ditto like you?

In coordinated outfits, mother-daughter duo looks so picture-perfect that it makes us think that they have surely rocked complementary looks.

Many star moms of Hollywood at some function show up themselves with their daughters in same outfit. It’s just like showing mother daughter bond, through clothes. The designers design ditto outfits for mother daughter duo. Celebrate this bond with us and your mom or your daughter.

Floral attires


Floral attires are classy for mothers and brilliant girly fun for daughters. Look for some charming attires for you and your daughter. With ribbon-tie waist lines, sleeves and simple cuts, classic attires are idea for particular occasions or having just some fancy fun element on an ordinary day.

Mother’s attire:

Sku Code: 418-5851SL838690, Price: $53.00

Daughter’s attire:

Sku Code: 198-5492KSL404185, price: $35.70

Bold patterns


Beautiful and bold patterns are designed for attire. Mother and daughter can doll up with the same pattern, like animal prints, block prints, geometrical prints, etc. For example, mother can wear a patterned top with solid colour Capri pants, and daughter can wear the same. Choose the right outfits size so the outfit can make up for both of your closet.

Mother’s attire:

Sku Code: 99-4335SA313969, Price: $51.80


Daughter’s attire:

Sku Code: 198-5494KLL424617, Price: $53.20

Same colour duo


Mom and daughter can dress up in clothing of the same colour. A stylish pastel colour dress with a shawl or a jacket for both mother and daughter for an evening party looks cool. Add matching accessories and sandals for a casual look you can go anywhere in.

Mother’s attire:

Sku Code: 371-4299SA945949, Price: $119.70

Daughter’s attire:

Sku Code: 390-5405KSA914685, Price: $29.40

Tales of Themes


You can choose a particular theme as well. Like a fairy theme or Hollywood theme. Add big hats and sunglasses with your look. And this is especially for moms; complete the look with red lipstick and hair styles to suit with Hollywood theme or the fairy theme.

Mother’s attire:

Sku Code: 158-5420LL680439, Price: $60.20

Daughter’s attire:

Sku Code: 343-4605KLL572591, Price: $46.90

We are sure each of the above looks will bring magic and fun to you and your daughter. Have fun, be beautiful and stay stylish!!

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