Diwali Festivals and Occassions

Decode your Festive Accessories

Hey pretty ones! How is your preparation for Diwali progressing?

On Diwali, we like to dress up in beautiful traditional clothes. Therefore Diwali shopping is great fun for entire family, especially for all the women of a household. Of course, no matter whatever clothing you choose to wear, it never hurts you to accessorize.

Every one of you must have lots of ideas about the accessories you want to wear during the festival time. We too have some for you. There are lots of cool and trendy bits and pieces that will make any of your new attire entirely festival worthy. Read on some of our suggestions:

Chandelier earrings or danglers

Sku Code: 432-6052ER825965, Price: $65.00
Sku Code: 432-6052ER825965, Price: $65.00

Jhumkas is the word we use for these types of earrings. With elegant and ethnic Georgette sarees you can wear these sorts of earrings. You can choose from traditional ones to the Indo-western ones, according to your attire.

Since diwali is symbolic of vibrant colors opt for those colors for your earrings that reflect joy and excitement. Go for bright colors such as pink, rust, red, emerald green, turquoise, golden yellow and orange.


Sku Code: 336-4572MJ634903, Price: $21.00
Sku Code: 336-4572MJ634903, Price: $21.00

Mojris (flat footwear), wedge heels, metallic colored heels, etc can be your option for this festive season pairing up with your traditional and non-traditional attires. If you ask us, flats are well for your feet during the festivals. They keep your feet cool and comfy. In addition to, no heel means that the chances of twisting your ankle are less.


Sku Code: 425-5957BG683867, Price: $74.00
Sku Code: 425-5957BG683867, Price: $74.00

Without a handbag, any occasion is incomplete. For Diwali you can opt for the potlis or the clutches or even the wristlets which are much in fashion these days amongst the new generation as well as the old one. A saree is a perfect festival wear for any women, match up your saree with a glamorous potli bag and flaunt your style statement.


Sku Code: 432-6183NL313944, Price: $125.00
Sku Code: 432-6183NL313944, Price: $125.00

Opt for the tassels. They are chic as well as trendy and traditional and they are excellent for festival wear. Tassels are necklaces to show off with your festival wear. Get some designer tassels of variant colors matched with your attire.



Image Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

When you are in doubt how to accessorize yourself, just stick some flowers in your hair. Flowers give a serene look to your style statement and wearing flowers bring out the feel for many of you. Flowers pair up with any ethnic attire.

Liked them? Do share with us your piece of accessories for this season of festivity. Comment in the box below and enjoy the days of festivity with beautiful accessories. Be beautiful and stay stylish!!!

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