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Re-trend Your Plain Saree

Hi gorgeous! Do you have a plain saree in your wardrobe? Are you making out plans to give it a stunning makeover, or a complete new look? Think about how different embellishments adding to it will give an appealing look to the saree,

Let us help you to make the designer of your own saree, adding some styles to it. For the basics you can follow some of the well-known designers for ideas of what types of add-ons you will like to add to your plain saree.

Read on some of the methods we can suggest you to make your saree a stunning one:

Dye your saree

A simple method to re-design your boring and dull plain saree is to dye it in different colour to the saree. You just need to choose the colour scheme which is your favourite and suits well with your complexion. Dye your saree and you are ready to create your own style statement.

Tie n dye

Shilpa Shetty In Tri Color Saree

Image Source:

Another way to revamp your plain saree by your own self is to tie n dye. Many Bollywood divas, especially Shilpa Shetty, like this trend too much. Tie n dye your plain saree in dark and light colour contrast or bright neon colours and rock the world.

Add border


Image Source:

You can add lace border, brocade border, embroidered border, velvet border, light border, heavy border; stone border, beads border, gold border, silver border and to be precise every type of border to your plain saree will look awesome. A saree decorated with borders gives a vibrant look to the wearer and lifts the style statement a few notches up. The red saree with golden embroidered border Kareena is wearing in Ra one can be taken as example.

Wear a gorgeous blouse


Image Source:

A blouse is a part of the saree draping. So why not use it to revamp your plain saree to a new and trendy look. You just need to select a suitable, trendy and gorgeous blouse to your plain saree, wear it and flaunt your style statement. For an instance you can follow Deepika Padukone and her style of plain red chiffon saree with brocade and zari embroidered pink blouse she wore at a film press conference.

Add small embellishments

The body of a plain saree can be embellished and made to be looked chick with various small decorative items such as, beads, stones, embroidery, mirror work, etc. You can also add patches to your saree to give it a new chic look. These add-ons to the saree are easy to add at home and you become the designer of your trendy saree.

Enjoy your new talent by designing the plain sarees of your closet and share your experience of designing with us in the comment box below. Stay stylish!!

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