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Trend Reversal: Bollywood Divas Lending Their Style to Brands

Hey, fashionistas! Do you have any idea of something big happening in our Bollywood? Nah! Not a big budget film release or some diva celebrating his /her birthday or any “dhamakedaar” award ceremony.

The sensational thing which is happening is our b-town divas are lending their own style statements to the offline and online fashion brands. And they are doing this beyond a film.

This is a very new trend in Bollywood, came from obviously Hollywood. Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Gauri Khan, Tiger Shroff and many other actors recently went beyond the silver screen to lend their original touch of style to fashion brands.

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Piku and Tamasha star Deepika said to IANS at the launch of her apparel line, “the idea behind the label is to encourage women to be themselves and dress in a comfortable way.” “It is to show people what my own personal style would be like as I have always been styled for a film or a red carpet.”

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Shakti Kapoor’s darling daughter Shraddha Kapoor created her label Imara and stepped into fashion designing with it. In her opinion to IANS, “Imara is a fusion word which means strong and resolute for – a powerful, independent woman. I love the process of conceptualising and designing of the brand and knowing that my fans will get to share my sense of style.”

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Gauri Khan, beloved wife of King Khan and owner of Red Chillies debuted her line of attires and accessories, associating with Satya Paul, celebrating its 30th anniversary. “A tropical wonder” was the name of her collection showcasing her personal style statement.

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Not only are the b-town actors taking part in this new trend, other celebs like cricketer Virat Kohli is also in the line of showcasing his personal styles to us. He took the help of Wrogn to launch his menswear collection.

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Popular DJ and VJ Nikhil Chinapa designed their line of personaly styled apparels for online fashion website

Robert Reddy, the chief creative officer of KOOVS mentioned to IANS, “The consumer takes confidence from a celebrity/influencer’s association with a product. This is even more, important in young markets where consumer confidence/experience is not as high as in more developed markets.”

It is true that we take constant inspiration of our style from our role models. and mostly our role models are the celebs, whether they are from B-town or beyond B-town. Thus, knowing the personal style of our role models will give us a blast of inspiration for our personal grooming and styles.

Are you ready to follow the personal styles of your favourite celebs? Carry on then and share your new experience with us. Be beautiful and stay stylish.

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