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Wedding Jewellery Trends for Indian Brides

Hey, the new age to-be brides! With the D-day bells ringing fast, you must be in a panicky mode.

In every wedding the next most important thing coming up after the bridal attire is the jewellery. From diamonds to gold and peals to silver and other gemstones, every type of wedding jewellery has its own sophistication and dignity!

Wearing the same conventional and traditional jewelleries in a twisted mode is in fashion these days, as we love experimentation always! Lets us find out what are those current trends, but in a twist mode:

Maang tikkas in crown style

Maang Tika
Sku Code: 459-6372TR333558, Price: $43.00

You haven’t seen this style yet? Along with the classic maang tikka style, another trend is on with the help of your necklace. Just grab your necklace and put it over your head like a crown. It is your choice whether you will deck up in crown style alone or will have the conventional maang tikka with it.

Asymmetrical necklaces

Sku Code: 432-6247NL195863, Price: $101.00

Asymmetrical fashion is quite unique. So why not try it in the jewelleries. Designers and modern brides have the huge hand in making this trend of asymmetrical necklace quite popular. These necklaces look quite cool in fashion and define an offbeat glamour of the bride. Add this to your bridal necklace collection.

Double stranded necklaces

Stranded necklace
Sku Code: 275-6980NL366265, Price: $76.00

These are an old style but perhaps these have been never so popular than they are now. Double stranded necklaces look marvellously eloquent and they give you the majestic charm and grandeur of the princesses of palaces. With the touch of the modern era jewellery designers these necklace sit in the top list of modern day brides.

Beautiful Borlas

Sku Code: 459-6370MT917054, Price: $26.00

You have seen them, but maybe you can’t recollect them from your memory. Borlas are maang tikka of Rajasthani style. A chain with a circular ball in the front or circular plate is borla, just like small or large drops hanging in a thread. These are now being the popular trends. Try this instead of the regular maang tikka.

Pretty Passas

Sku Code: 459-6370MT930213, Price: $37.00

It was said that passa had earlier been replaced by the maang tikkas. But that is not the case. Passas are rulling the modern brides’ trousseau.

Maatha Pattis with pendant necklaces

Image Source:
Image Source:

The large pendant necklaces are nowadays used as the maatha pattis. They are worn over head and the pendant is normally placed sideways. Brides with broad foreheads will look perfect with this trend on them.

Lots of diamonds, gold, ruby, emerald! Enjoy your wedding lovelies and share your brilliant memories with us! Stay beautiful!

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