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Most Fashionable Indian Model on Instagram

Fashion has always connected to Indian Models. They are gorgeous, stunning and there never say die attitude make them stand out. They are amazingly in all their looks. The happening models of Instagram know to carry themselves by sprinkling the different gesture. Check Indian models on Instagram as they are known face and style is their symbol.

1. Deepti Gujral

Image Source: https://goo.gl/6BzfN0
Image Source: https://goo.gl/6BzfN0

Deepti Gujral is most wonderful and attention grabber model in India. She looks amazing in all attire and can flaunt her attitude by posing for perfect picture. Her sharp cheekbones have gained total admiration among her fans. The arched eyebrows are also best thing to enhance her look. She is so hot model and makes her presence felt to the masses.

2. Esha Gupta

Image Source: http://goo.gl/pJuyHl
Image Source: http://goo.gl/pJuyHl

The model turned actress has pleasing personality and she loves to style herself in setting different wardrobe in every season. She has very close resemblance of Angelina Jolie. The appealing pout is something you cannot keep your eyes off from it. She is well recognized face in the Bollywood today and giving competition to many actresses. She is Instagram Diva.

3. Ashika Pratt

Image Source: http://goo.gl/gbPtcJ
Image Source: http://goo.gl/gbPtcJ

Ashika Pratt is Fijian girl but for starting modeling career she is in India. Her hottest gesture on Instagram makes us crazy and she is perfect picture model. You can see her in various fashionable outfits in events. Her sense of style is appealing and she flaunts her beauty with brilliance.

4. Nidhi Sunil

Image Source: https://goo.gl/2mtp6V
Image Source: https://goo.gl/2mtp6V

The dusky beauty Nidhi Sunil is newly made popular face with the November issue. She is basically law student and turned model now. The beauty of her sharp cheekbones leaves the mark and gives edge on others. Her fashionable look is the benchmark and become popular always. She is multi-talented as she knows the martial art and yoga so fitness in her case is unlimited.

5. Rasika Navare

Image Source: https://goo.gl/8qTkLh
Image Source: https://goo.gl/8qTkLh

Rasika Navare is a most fashionable Instagram model. She is happening and heart throb for many boys. Her look is amazing and she makes her appearance in stunning attire always. Style is her favorite mantra.

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