Valentine's day

Go red on this Valentine

Red- The color of passion. Red- The color of love. Red- The color of confidence.

If you want to flaunt your vivacity, if you want to look and feel confident, if you want to show-off your love, go red this Valentine.

The word Valentine, itself, conjures an air filled with gaiety, smile, love and companionship. If you are looking forward to celebrate it, in style, think of red.

Red imparts energy. Do not underestimate yourself, thinking whether the color will suit you or not. You can get party gowns, dresses, ethnic wear in a thousand shades of red, and believe me, there is that one perfect shade that will get you glowing.


Red Party wear Gown
Sku Code: 118-3973GW14321 Rs3,951.36

You can never go wrong with red, unless you overdo it, and that depends on you. Choose the darkest Mahogany from the palette or a brighter Cherry or Maroon if you are dusky and embellish it with subtle diamond jewelry. Apple red, Garnet, Merlot are few other shades that look beautiful on dark skinned people. If your complexion is fair you can select brighter shades like Ruby and Scarlet, and use gold and black accessories to complement it. For those who prefer subtle shades, Rose is the right shade for them from the red palette.


Valentine special Party Gowns

The other thing that you need to consider while choosing red, that it is generally a dark and bright shade. Select a dresses or party wear gowns that go well with your body shape and structure. (Yes, of course, you can let your hair loose and dress as you wish, but being a little conscious will draw the best attention of your loved one!)

If you are narrowly built, go not choose something that is too heavy and make you look cumbersome. Go for short-length party wears like, mid-calf gowns, asymmetrical party wears gowns and even short dresses that would look good on you.


mid-calf gowns online

Alternately, if you are on the heavier side, select party wears gowns with simple cuts that emphasize the best part of your body and hide the flaws. You can get plenty of options for choosing part wear gowns online. Browse through the categories, until you find something suitable for you and your budget as well.

Remember red is a bold color. The accessories and make-up you choose have to be perfect, so that you do not go looking like a shining apple or a tomato! Mix and match other complementing colors to look perfect this Day of the Cupid.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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