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7 Days 7 Ways- Express your Love in this Valentine’s Week

Valentine Week

Love is in the air. The Valentine Day is soon approaching and most of the couples are already busy selecting gifts for their beloved. Lovers too need an opportunity to give expression to their feelings. 14TH is that day when all lovers around the world get an opportunity to express their true feelings to their loved ones.

The Story Behind Valentine Day

The Saint Valentine’s Day or The Feast of Saint Valentine is a celebration held on 14 February each year. This day is said to commemorate the great Saint Valentine who supported love at a time when it was not acceptable in the society. It is said that Saint Valentine was arrested and imprisoned because he performed the marriages of soldiers who were not permitted to marry. When he was in prison, he healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius. A modern edition of the story states that he later fell in love with her and even wrote her a letter signing it as ‘Your Valentine’.

Today Valentine Day is celebrated in many countries around the globe. In some of the countries, the Valentine Week is also celebrated among the couples. The Valentine Week starts a week prior to the Valentine Day. Here are the different days that are included in the Valentine Week:

Rose Day (7th February)

Rose Day
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Rose Day is the best day to reveal your secret love to someone by offering them a beautiful and fragrant rose. In colleges, rose day is celebrated just like Friendship Day. On this Day, you give rose to each of your friends. If you love someone, you can express your love by giving them a red rose. A pink rose symbolises liking while a yellow rose reveals friendship. White rose is a great tool to end rivalries and befriend each other.

Propose Day (8th February)

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This is the best day to propose your mate with a fabulous gift or piece of jewellery to express the love. A ring would be your best pick when you are planning to propose your dream girl. In the past, people used to rely greatly on love letters and greeting cards. Today, technology has advanced and with it the style of proposing too. You can just Facetime your mate at the stroke of midnight and express your true feelings to her. You may even opt for some good Whatsapp message to convey your love to your mate on Propose Day.

Chocolate Day (9th February)

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Women love chocolates so make sure you decide which chocolate to gift her on Chocolate Day. If you are not extremely sure, you may go for an assortment of the best chocolates. You may even go to a chocolate shop and order a chocolate that spells ‘I Love You’. Your girlfriend is sure to love such a gift.

Teddy Day (10th February)

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On Teddy Day, most men gift teddies to their mates but in this case you need to be careful. There are women who despise teddies and even soft toys. You need to understand whether your mate loves teddies. If you are not sure, it would be wiser to buy a keychain with a teddy at the end.

Promise Day (11th February)

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The promise of togetherness made by a couple should last for a lifetime. The promise day is a great day to live upto that promise. Arrange a fabulous candlelight dinner in some beautiful restaurant where you two can enjoy your moments of togetherness and solace.

Hug Day and Kiss Day (12th February and 13th February)

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The last two days of the Valentine Week are Hug Day and Kiss Day. It is time to show your love for your mate without hesitation. Plan a lovely couple dance and enjoy the intimacy.

Valentine Day (14th February)

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Valentine Day is a very special day and you must spend this special time with your mate making him or her feel that you really care. You can actually prepare some lovely lunch for your dear one and get dressed the way your mate likes to see you.

Valentine Week Celebration
Check out the different online retailers for special deals and offers for the Valentine Week. Buy something special and memorable for your dear one.

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