Propose Day

How to propose your Prince Charming


Do you have a crush on your best friend? Is the guy of your dreams, too astute to understand your feelings?Why wait and watch for him to be taken? Make use of the Proposal Day just two days away and speak out your heart!You need not have a diamond ring to propose, you need not get on your knees to do so. Just look your best, be confident and tell him that you want to walk with him, want him by your side for the rest of your life.

Yes, if your Prince Charming was not expecting it at all, you might not get the response you desire, but if he shares your feelings, he is likely to be swept off his feet! Guys also like to be pampered you know!

Here is a list of unique ways to propose a guy, choose one that you feel confident about or think something alike along the lines.

  • SURPRISE!! – If you are ready to splurge a little, invite your Prince Charming to the café you both visit often. Talk to the manager beforehand, keep it reserved for an hour, and get it decorated with red and gold balloons. Invite few close friends over and tell them about your plan. On the day, keep the place dimly lit until HE arrives. As soon as he opens the door, surprise him with a big “I Love You. Will you marry me?” placard. Be dressed in a traditional saree or a modern outfit, (preferably in something he likes to see you) and it will be surely irresistible to him. Celebrate the occasion for an hour before you leave for more.
  • PRIVATE – If you are more of a private person and like to keep things more for yourself, why not plan a long ride? Drive out of the city with a picnic hamper stocked with food of his choice. Prepare a scrapbook, beforehand with a collection of pictures of you both. In the center page or the last one, write down a warm message- proposing him! Try to wear something that is not too glitzy yet not very casual. A saree in bold red or a color that suits you well and is also romantic is recommended for wooing the man of your life.
  • TRADITIONAL – If you prefer being traditional, keep a ring ready and it need not be a diamond one. Book a corner table in a cozy restaurant, pre-order food he loves most and propose him over a glass of your favorite drink. Dress up glamorously in an ethnic wear, accessorize well and be ready to be loved!

So how are you planning to propose your Prince Charming? Think well, and make use of the Proposal Day and get your love of your life.

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