Valentine's day

5 Ways To Surprise Her On Teddy Day

It’s the season of love. It’s the week to celebrate togetherness. It’s the time to express your love for her in an innovative way. Still thinking why? Because it is the Valentine’s week. All the couples of the entire world wait for this particular week of the year to celebrate with their special one. Are you one of them? Then you must be thinking of how to give your special lady a pleasant surprise on teddy Day? We, the team sareez are here to solve your problem. Here are 5 fantastic gift ideas from us that will surely make your day.

A soft Teddy

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Image Source:

The most common and obviously most famous gift for her on Teddy day is a teddy bear itself. A girl loves hugging a teddy bear and a teddy bear loaded with your memory is simply awesome. Just pick the one which is suitable for your love and theme.

A box of candies

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Image Source:

Yes, it is true that the day before Teddy day is the chocolate day. So, you might not repeat your gift item. The ideal alternative to a box of chocolate is a box filled with candies of a different flavour. Your lady love will simply bowl out with this step. And if you know that she has a special appetite for chocolate then go for it. It never harms or backfires.


Sku Code: 500-7211RI611087, Price: $24.00
Sku Code: 500-7211RI611087, Price: $24.00

Jewellery and girls are inseparable. If you want to please your girlfriend with a single gift on teddy day then a jewellery is always a good option. A funky or junk jewellery with a mark of the teddy bear on it can be ideal here.


Sku Code: 500-7206BG837658, Price: $85.00
Sku Code: 500-7206BG837658, Price: $85.00

It is a universal truth that girls have a special corner in their mind for beautiful accessories. It may be a watch or a bag or a scarf or anything that gives her immense pleasure.


The last but not the least is a bottle of perfume. It is also the latest trend in valentine’s day gifts. You can surely go with the trend if you know that the special lady has a dream for the good fragrance.

No matter what is the gift, your love for her is the best way to express your thought and feeling towards her. Some special moments spend together is the best gift which you can offer her which money can never buy.

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