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Style Guide to Look Your Best on Promise Day

The Valentine’s week is one full of love and romance. The fifth day in this romantic week is popular as the Promise Day. This is the day when lovers profess their love for each other through promises, each resorting to a unique way to do so. Celebrated on the 11th of February all over the world every year, this day is a memorable one for new lovers as well as older couples.

Happy Promise Day
Source: Punjabigraphics

Promise Day Celebration:

Promise Day celebrations can range between anything from low-key social media messaging to a super date night. Don’t forget to shop for the right attire that will be both pleasing and impressive on your Promise Day date.

Style Guide for your Promise Day Date:

Read on to find out how you can make the most of the day by dressing right for the occasion and looking your best that will keep your man gawking.

  • First Things First- The first to-do activity is to take a look at the venue prior to the date so that you get a feel of what to expect. Next, make sure that you select a color that suits you well, a color that has gained you compliments quite often.

  • Dressing Up, Right- You must decide what outfit brings out the best in you-western or ethnic wear. If you’re in for ethnic outfits, the most comfortable attire would be a saree. Be it a silk saree or chiffon based one, if you can carry it properly, then nothing beats a typical Indian look for any special occasion. For those who are more comfortable in western outfits, try a brightly colored short dress or casual jeans with light colored top/blouse.

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  • Dinner Date Outfit- For a dinner date, choose a saree with subtle but classy color combinations like black and gold or shades of light colors like pink or blue if you’re in a lively mood. But, if the western outfit is your call, you can try pairing black formal trousers with a white silk blouse or skinny jeans with cotton or silk camisole, depending on what makes you comfy and confident.

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Finally, don’t overdo your make-up or opt for skimpy outfits as it will make you appear desperate. Pearl earrings and a clutch are ideal accessories for a classy date. Remember, confidence and comfort should lead the way while getting dressed up for your Promise Day date.

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