Valentine's day

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day like Celebrities

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is so popular with youngsters and college going girl and boys. If you want to decorate this day with extra romantic manner, go for plenty of alternatives to make 14 Feb 2016 special than ever. In our lives there is great influence of celebrities and we love to imitate them in terms of style and fashion. Now the turn comes to take some influence from celebrities. They must be doing some epic things to make this event memorable and versatile. Check the following favorite stars and their way of celebration.

1. Blake and Ryan

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Blake Lively has planned to set her day celebration in simple and romantic manner spending time in the kitchen in baking cup cake and her inmate soul Ryan will be standing beside her while noticing her with admiration. This romantic entangle will make you crazy and may be you want to make your celebration in similar manner.

2. Leighton and Adam

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They are more involved in work and they do not want to demonstrate anything publicly. So they will be busy in recording the love songs. Possibly, will be busy in deciding the name for their future baby.

3. Justin and Jessica

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Jessica is expecting so she will be planning something within four walls. She is looking more gorgeous in her natural well being. She is enjoying her stage to be mother on her room. So they have no plans for outing as yet. They would also prefer to sit idle and plan something romantic at home.

4. Kim and Kanye

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They have some different plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They two will spend holiday and will get an oil painting portrait of there. Kim and Kanye will be together for whole day on that special day. Their painted portrait will go for auction for $ 43 million Kanye has very romantic and different plan for this day and they will hang around in bed together to celebrate the holiday and their Valentine’s Day.

5. Lucy Mecklenburgh and Louis Smith

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They two are crazy in love with each other. They are together for three months and their relationship is still new and fresh. Lucy is excited about the Valentine’s Day with her partner to celebrate and will mark the day with excitement and fun. So she has many things in store to outburst.

There are literally people have their own personal manner of celebrating this generous love day so celebrities are doing exciting things and we should also not stay behind in making this celebration double.

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