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Live ultimate Fashion Dream with Bhumika Arora

Source: Vogue
Source: Vogue

In the past, blonde leggy supermodels were a rage in fashion shows around the world. They had an aura surrounding their personality, something which was beyond the wildest dreams of young girls of our times. At present, Indian models like Neelam Gill at Burberry, Bhumika Arora at Marc Jacobs and Pooja Mor at Louis Vuitton are making their presence felt in fashion shows of New York, London and Paris. They are proving the point that brown skin can indeed be the center of attention at international fashion festivals.


Changing Trends in the Fashion Industry

Fashion designers of international repute are deeply impressed by the diversity that emerging models like Bhumika Arora are bringing to the fashion industry. The lack of diversity has always been a major concern within the fashion world. But in recent years, models with charm and personality like Bhumika Arora have been successful in gaining limelight due to the efforts of some progressive designers who advocate heterogeneity.

Source: Vogue
Source: Vogue

A New Repute Gained By Bhumika Arora

Bhumika is being seen as India’s representative in the fashion world and ace fashion designers feel it is important to save her because of India’s great influence in the world of fashion. Interestingly, neither Bhumika or Gill or Mor fit into the narrow, yet widely prevalent notion of Indian beauty- fair and voluptuous. Modelling, however, wasn’t a cakewalk for Arora, both in India and at international level. In India, she had to compete with models who were fairer and curvier than her.

Challenges Faced By Bhumika in Fashion Industry

At the international level, challenges are quite different. Runway models have to wear anything the designer wants them to, and see-through fabrics are regularly a part of collections which are outside the personal comfort zone. Born and brought up in Karnal, Bhumika is aware of her upbringing which is quite different from high fashion and she is conscious about that. Fortunately, most designers at the international level have been more interesting.

Source: Vogue
Source: Vogue

Bhumika Has Joined The League of Great Models

Arora is bearing the legacy of models like Anjali Mendes and Kirat Young who gained limelight in the ’70s and 80’s. Mendes was Pierre Cardin’s muse for many years. Young, on the other hand, worked with Yves Saint Laurent for more than a decade. Though many Indian models created an impression at international level for a few seasons, but none gained lasting success till the rise of Ujjwala Raut and Lakshmi Menon. Fashion experts are comparing models like Bhumika with Ujjwala Raut, the most successful crossover Indian model to date.

These winds of change in the fashion industry will hopefully bring about some freshness in the fashion industry. Dusky models will also get to show their true modelling skills by walking the international ramps.

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