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Orange- The Color That Rejuvenates

Source: Makemytrip
Source: Makemytrip

A tangy color that has a bubbly nature-that is what orange conjures up in my mind.

Lying between the colors red and yellow in the color wheel, orange has the cheerfulness of yellow and the energy of red. In nature the color is associated with the sunrise and the sunsets that captivates all. It is also linked with fruits, flowers, and all that is sweet and fresh and cheerful.

The color orange is a motivational color. Like in the traffic signals, it gets the people on a “go”. It boosts energy and motivates people.

Orange is a warm color, without the aggression of red. It is also considered an auspicious color in India and you will see many temples in orange colored bricks. Orange is also associated with piety. The sages and monks all across the world have used this color for centuries as it denotes devotion. Kings and Emperors used a golden shade of orange to mark their hierarchy.

The vibrancy in orange is used highlight. Be it a road sign or an advertising, orange demands attention.

Source: oh-i-see.com
Source: oh-i-see.com

In astrology orange is meant for the explorers. It is an inspirational color and also a color of wealth and wisdom.

In the fashion world, orange is now high in trend. Often underrated, this color if balanced well can go with any other colors of the spectrum and create a “wow” factor.

The other benefit of using orange is almost all its shades are unique and vibrant. From the darker Terracotta shades to the subtle melon blush, orange is the color of health and comfort.

If you favor this soothing color, splash the town with orange this Holi.

Sku Code: 65-7501SL133026 Rs9,521.19
Sku Code: 65-7501SL133026

You can easily get orange Holi colors in the market, but if you choose to make your own, here are a few tips.

How to make orange gulaal:

Here in Bengal, spring is welcomed with “Palash” flowers or the “Flame of the Forest”. It is easy to get orange Holi colors from these beautiful flowers by boiling them in water or soaking them overnight in water. The other ways of getting orange is to dry orange Marigold from the winter, and crush them in sparkling orange gulaal, to make your Holi safe and bright and cheerful.

Your festive look can never go wrong in orange. It is best if you dress up in traditional wear while you celebrate the color festival, because most of the Indian household also has a “puja” before the celebration begins. A bright kameez or a kurti in pumpkin or a mango shade of orange will look vibrant on teenagers and youths. Match it up with a churidar or a salwaar in contrasting colors. For those who wish to wear a saree, there is a wide array of orange shades and material to choose from. It is better to avoid materials that get damaged by water and colors. Accessorize with multi-colored bangles and earrings.

Sku Code: 372-7561SL357657 Rs1,764.00
Sku Code: 372-7561SL357657

Look and feel vibrant this Holi, play safe and make it safe for the others too.

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