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Celebration of Holi in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its PINK heritages but during Holi Rajasthan is a tribute for eyes with riots of colors and its fragrance. Rajasthan is a culturally rich state. This tradition and love for colours is also reflected in the holi celebration of Rajasthan and is quite similar to Mathura.

Source: eyhotours
Source: eyhotours

Before the Holi full moon, people join together and make huge bonfires. Light the dried leaves and twigs that gathered during the winter.

Source: cheapairetickets
Source: cheapairetickets

People apply colours (gulal and kumkum) on each others’ face. People also enjoy singing and dancing program along with traditional music like beats of Dhol which add extra glamour to the Holi celebration. This is a friendly gesture and the occasion helps people from the family gather together.

During Holi Royals of Rajasthan celebrate this festival of colors in a traditional way. Only this time in the whole year royals mingle with common Rajasthanis for Holi Celebration. In the Rajasthani courts,  Rajput warriors used to display their horse riding skills at the festival time. Rajput riders pass through clouds of colors by throwing gulal to each other. At the time of Holi, even Royal members could not escape without being drenched in colours.

Source: rajasthantourismbuzz
Source: rajasthantourismbuzz

Braj Mahotsav is celebrated in regards of Lord Krishna just a few days prior Holi, in March. The occasion is held in the high spirit and zest of the villagers in multicoloured clothes. They are seen to performing and singing the raslila presenting the ancient love story of Radha and Krishna.

Dolchi Holi: In Bikaner for last 300 years, ‘Vyas’ and ‘Harsh’ community members through water at each other with force at the back of each other. A particular type of vessel made for this event. This vessel is known as “dolchi” which is made of camel skin.

Mali Holi: The gardener community or “Mali” of Rajasthan celebrate holi in a unique style. The malis colour the Rajasthani women with water then women reciprocate by beating them with long pieces of clothes or sticks.

Gair at Godaji: People from twelve villages gather at Godaji village near Ajmer to play gair after few days of holi. Every individual village brings their own gair troupes and drummers. The event’s location is a hills surrounded valley where hundred of players create beautiful sight and precious memory.

Special Holi Delicacies

Holi Special Food & Drinks

 No festival can be complete without the right foods to add flavour to it. Rajasthanis prepare Gujiyas on the occasion of Holi. These sweets are unique, filled with a mixture of Khoya and dry fruits. They taste truly yummy. No Holi in Rajasthan can be complete without this sweet.

Dressing Style


Rajasthanis are known to dress in colourful and attractive attires. Their salwar suits are also very colourful. Their dresses and attires are often embellished with shells and beads.

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