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The Purple Day on March 26

What is Purple Day?

Source: amazonaws
Source: amazonaws

Purple Day is a special event that has been conceptualised and celebrated in order to promote awareness related to epilepsy (Mirgi). Started in 2008, the participants are encouraged to flaunt a purple-coloured clothing on March 26. Purple and lavender are the hues that are most commonly associated with epilepsy, such as the wearing of a lavender ribbon.

How is Purple Day celebrated?

The event was created and promoted by Cassidy Megan, a resident of Nova Scotia, Canada in 2008. Her own struggle with epilepsy inspired her to initiate a movement to help people suffering from the disease to have a better acceptability within the society. Cassidy’s main goal is to dispel myths and misconceptions within people’s minds and let the patients know that they are not alone in their struggle against the disease. The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia in 2008 played a great role in supporting Cassidy’s idea. This is now commonly known to people as the Purple Day for Epilepsy campaign.

International Coverage of the Purple Day Campaign

In 2009, the Purple Day gained international coverage as the Anta Kaufmann Foundation, based in New York and Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia helped Cassidy to launch it at the global level. The dedicated efforts of EANS and AKF have proved to be instrumental in ensuring the participation of different NGOs, schools, businesses, politicians and socialites from different parts of the world. On March 26, 2009, more than 100,000 students and 116 politicians over 95 workplaces took part in the Purple Day.

In March 2009, the Anita Kaufmann Foundation, a charity dealing in public education about epilepsy organized the official USA Purple Day Party launch. Canadian Paul Shaffer, a well-known presenter from the Late Show with David Lettermen, was among the special guests who attended the official launch which took place at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City.Paul Shaffer’s cousin is an epileptologist who is based in Toronto, Canada. Mr. Shaffer has a clear perception of the challenges faced by a person suffering from epilepsy and intended to attend the event in order to provide support to Cassidy Megan’s campaign. Both organizations, which are global sponsors of Purple Day, have committed to create partnerships with individuals as well as companies around the world in order to promote awareness related to epilepsy.

Celebrities who have attended Purple Day celebrations

The Purple Day is regarded as the perfect occasion to create a message to be shared at the global level. A number of celebrities have expressed their support towards this noble initiative. Some of the celebrities who have attended the event so far include Project Runway Season Five winner Leanne Marshall, Paul Green, who founded School of Rock and Dr Alan Greene, a pediatric expert for WebMD.

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