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Kids are very particular about the celebration of the Holi. The color and the variety of lip-smacking food make them crazy. This festival is the remark of freedom for the kids of Bollywood celebrity star as they can spoil themselves by eating junk food that they could not eat due to the restrictions. So celebrating Holi for them is like all five fingers in sweet honey. There celebration for holi is endless and their plans have always been special and superb. Hanging around with star kids is common and involve them in throwing gulal, colored powder at one another double their celebration and happiness.

Holi is festival of colors and we all know that kids love to play with different colors. In this race, Bollywood celebrity kids are not behind. They also enjoy the fullest to make this eve memorable and exciting. So, this festival is kid’s favorite. The cultural celebration helps star kids to understand the importance of togetherness through the pious festival like holi.

Do you want to know how kids of Bollywood celebrity star enjoy holi and how they plan to get together to cheer their eve with happening colors to bring back the momentum?

Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav

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Akshay Kumar’s son is not behind in this race. He enjoys every bit of it. Including his friends, he makes the atmosphere of holi more enjoyable by throwing colors and colors his friends with gulal. The lively attitude and playful mood of Aarav is remarking the pleasure of playing holi with his star friends incredibly.

Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan

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Ibrahim from little baby to grown up child is having numerous fun with his friends in celebrating holi. The way he is celebrating holi by throwing the colors with his pichkari is quite rejoicing. The idea of playing holi with buckets full of colors is appearing so entertaining.

Lara Dutta’s daughter Saira Bhupati

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Saira Bhupati, being so little star kid is not even behind in living the every moment of celebrating holi. She is in playful mood to make holi the most significant event. She is having fun with Lara and enjoying the holi with deep involvement.

Sohail Khan’s son Yohaan Khan

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Yohan khan is not sparing any opportunity to enjoy holi with full force. Being a kid, he is having complete fun of playing holi. He basically uses gubara for throwing on people to double the fun. His naughtiness is at its peak- even Salman Khan is greeting him to enjoy the holi fullest.

Holi is a good medium to bring all the culture and tradition unite together and star kids are building the strong bond by believing that festival celebration is more important than barriers and boundaries of cultural differences.

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