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Know Your Body Shape To Find The Best Bridal Lehenga For You


You want to look your best on your wedding day, so does every bride!

Planning your lehenga may seem to be an easy task for the others, but you know how difficult it actually is, and so do we. There are lots to think about while deciding on your bridal wear. The choice of material, its color and the fit! A little error here and there, and the whole effect of your bridal look can be ruined to the point of disaster! If you are considering to select bridal lehenga online, you need to think about all these before making a choice.

While deciding upon the style and the fit of the lehenga, you have to be a little judgemental about your figure. There are quite a few stores showcasing bridal lehengas online with price. Choosing a style that matches your body shape, will not only make it look good on you but, will also hide any body flaws that you might have. To find the ideal online bridal lehenga for that flawless look on your wedding day, you have to know your body type. This post will help you to identify your kind, in case you are not really aware of it.

There are five common body shapes of women:

  • Rectangle Shape
  • Apple Shape
  • Pear Shape
  • Inverted Triangle or Strawberry Shape
  • Hourglass Shape
  1. Rectangle Shape: Your body is rectangle shaped if:
  • You have very low waist definition
  • Your hips and bust has almost the same width
  • You have equal fat distribution across your body
Sku Code: 395-7031LL936028 $155.00
Sku Code: 395-7031LL936028

The ideal lehenga for you should have:

  • Full and voluminous skirt
  • Stiffer fabric
  • Lower neckline

What you need to add is , a lot of curves. Choose materials like raw silk, and add net layers for the additional volume. Go for a low neck choli.

  1. Apple Shape: You have an apple shape figure if:
  • You have a heavy top and bottom
  • Your rib cage is wide
  • Your waist line is not defined properly
  • Most of the weight you carry is concentrated in your midsection
Sku Code: 158-6140LL422564 $121.00
Sku Code: 158-6140LL422564

The lehenga that suits apple shaped body should be:

  • Of softer and fluid materials, like chiffon and crepe
  • Longer choli covers the hips
  • Low necklines to boost curves

Avoid heavy and stiff materials that make your body appear flat. A “sharara” cut lehenga with short and deep necked choli would be ideal too.

  1. Pear Shape: Your body has a pear shape if:
  • Your body is heavy down the waist line
  • You have a defined waist
  • Your shoulder and bust is narrower than your hips
Sku Code: 389-7547LL379409 $126.13
Sku Code: 389-7547LL379409

The best suited lehenga for a pear shaped body will be:

  • One with a detailed and voluminous choli
  • A low waist lehenga skirt
  • Flared or A-line lehengas

Avoid a fishtailed lehenga or any skirt that is tight on your hips. Also avoid adding too much volume on your lower body. Highlight your bust and your midriff.

  1. Strawberry Shape: You are a strawberry shaped if:
  • You sport an atheletic look
  • Your shoulders are wider than your hips
  • Your upper body is more prominent than your lower body
Sku Code: 65-7500LL272256 $738.75
Sku Code: 65-7500LL272256

Find a lehenga that is:

  • Flared at the bottom
  • High neck and simple choli, with less detailed work
  • A jacket type choli in sheer fabrics for layered top

Avoid closed necklines that adds up to the bustiness of your figure. Go for a heavy embroidered skirt.

  1. Hourglass Shape: You possess the hourglass figure when:
  • You have a well proportioned body
  • Your waist is well defined
  • Your bust and hips have almost the same width
Sku Code: 51-7585LL252200 $161.63
Sku Code: 51-7585LL252200

The lehenga that looks good on a hourglass figure is:

  • Any type of skirt-A-line or a Fishtailed one
  • Short or long cholis
  • A set that flaunts of a well toned midriff

This is the most coveted figure and anything looks good on it. So if you are a proud owner of a hourglass shaped body find a lehenga in any cut that you prefer, just make sure that you are comfortable in it.

The trick for searching the best, online bridal lehenga, is to make a choice that will suit your budget and your figure so well that you will be the eye-catcher of the day.

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