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That Lopsided Panache – Asymmetrical Fashion Trend and Summer Style

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When the world says “Imperfection is beauty”-

Asymmetry” perfectly rules the Fashion World

It is summer and it is here to stay for quite some time. Judging from the temperature outside, it will be well across our comfort zone soon, and it is necessary that you start your Summer Collection now, if you have not yet already.

Summer calls for softness, breeziness and breathability in fashion. Skirts, dresses and short length gowns are a few attires that will make you look and feel comfortable as the Sun turns on its heat. The designers have all done their work, bringing in diversity in designs, but the magic catch is in you, yourself. Do not select anything, just for the sake of fashion. Remember that, a style is ruined if not carried properly and you cannot carry a style with élan if you are not comfortable in it.


Summer 2016 has called in skirts and dresses that are “midi-length”. If you have always been in doubt whether to choose a maxi or a mini to wear, this is the time for you. Asymmetrical hemlines also solve this problem with choosing the perfect length. It adds fluidity to your poise and can be worn on any occasion if worn sensibly. There are numerous cuts and silhouettes to choose from and here is a brief guide to sport the different looks this summer.

Sku Code: 498-7185WTP115366 Rs3,834.18
Sku Code: 498-7185WTP115366

Breezy Silhouette

Chiffon is a perfect material for the summer. If the upper edge of the hem of your skirt falls somewhere along the thighs, keep the lower edge below or just on the knees, to make it ideal for a day wear. Go for light prints or textured waves to keep the feel airy.


Edgy Cuts

Choose leather or similar heavier material if you want a perfect slice on your hemline. It gives a masculine and a westernized look to the dress, skirt or gown you are wearing. In darker shades and solid colors, these can be ideal for a party night or a casual evening out with pals, if coordinated accordingly. A short jacket or a flowing top can create the right essence.


Sporty Scene

Adding layers to a dress, gown or a skirt with asymmetrical hemline, will give it a definite sporty look. Have a dominating layer and another that merely accentuates it. A sheer layer over a sporty acrylic dress will add in a touch of femininity without being overpowering.


Day wear or evening wear, asymmetrical hemlines can be played on, to get the look you are contented with. Ideal for summer wear, these skirts, dresses or gowns with lopsided panache will be perfectly comfortable with your summer cotton and chiffon sarees and other ethnic collection in your wardrobe.

Source: Sku Code: 377-7713SA343509 Rs1,508.22
Source: Sku Code: 377-7713SA343509

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