The Lesser Known Tale of Batting Maestro Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali

sachin and anjali

Sachin Tendulkar is a one-time Indian cricketer and captain, extensively considered as one of the significant batsman of all time. Basically, by nature, he is bashful, especially when talking over to media about his personal relationship with his wife, Anjali. This is one of the normal causes why we are not aware of his love relationship with his better-half. Isn’t it quite surprising that even The Maestro Sachin Tendulkar had a lovely and romantic love story surrounded in his life? Come! Let us peep through some interesting incidents which had occurred in his life and how did he woo the lady’s hand.

At the age of 17, Sachin had come across Anjali at the airport while the lady was there to pick her Mom and as she glanced at the wonder boy, Sachin, she became frenzied about his cuteness and ran after him, forgetting her Mom. Then she had come to know from one of her friends, that Sachin is the young golden boy of Indian Cricket, we can normally assume it to be “love-at-first-sight”.

After struggling hard, Anjali was successful in getting Sachin’s contact Number. At that very time, both of them was struggling hard, one with her medical studies and the other had just started his cricketing career. Slowly. Slowly they started dating each other, although meeting and keeping in touch with each other were difficult but still they manage to call each other after 10 pm, they used to exchange letters while that was the cheapest way in those times because making calls were pretty much expensive.

Sachin love with wife Anjali

Well, Anjali took the initiative to inform her dad about the marriage. Hence, the D-Day arrived in their life on 24th of May, 1995, after five years of an affair; the couple tied the knot in their own grand way. The bride was the cynosure of the party; every girl loves to come behind her most-liked Bollywood or Hollywood leading lady when it comes to picking ideas on fashion and style, generally when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding outfit. Basically the wedding attire in Indian wedding comprised of bright coloured sarees, lehnga cholis and ghagra with golden embroidery or sequinned or zari work on it according to the regions. Red sarees are the conventional attire selected for brides in Indian culture. Sarees textiles also traditionally silk. Recently, colour choices and textile or fabric selections for Indian brides are enlarged. Today fabrics like crepe, georgette, tissue and satin are utilised and colours have been increased to gold, pink, orange, maroon, brown and yellow as well. Along with this, they pair them up with heavy gold and diamond jewelry to complete their look, and with a perfect match up accessories like sandals, clutch and so on.


Even Sachin’s wedding outfit had also stolen the show. So, the wonder boy had finally decided to take the plunge! The Indian grooms adhere to the traditional costumes like sherwani, dhoti, jodhpuri suit, or a western suit. Many prefer to put on kurtas. Costly adornments were studded into the collars and cuffs of the grooms wedding sherwanis or kurtas, floral patterns in embroidery in a variety of colours like red, olive green and sky blue, some had uneven designs and they team it up with brocade pattern churidars to match up the look. The fabrics used are cotton and splendid, royal raw silk, etc for the sherwanis and kurtas. It has been seen years after years that grooms wedding outfit for instance cream and gold sherwanis with red colour dupattas, silk and velvet chunni with gold patti or batik print patterned in different shades of hues like purple, gold, pink, scarlet or grey. So whether it’s wedding or engagement, you have to look stylish.

So after Sachin’s grand wedding, Anjali left her career to lead a happy married life. Now, the couple had Two Children.

sachin tendulkar family photo

Their Love story is quite inspiring for the young generation. They set to be an example to have a strong and dedicated marriage and both are destined for each other for many more years to come.

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