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Rediscover Love This Kiss Your Mate Day

Source: downloadclipart
Source: downloadclipart

Celebrated on 28th April every year Kiss your Mate Day is the perfect occasion to shower love on your special someone with a kiss or two. Kissing plays an integral role in intimacy and romance. Kissing your mate is a physical expression of love and affection. It involves the sensation of taste, touch and smell and can rekindle the love which once existed. Studies have shown that increasing the frequency of kissing both in marital and cohabiting relationships can reduce stress, increase the satisfaction levels in a relationship and lower the levels of cholesterol.

Source: Quotesgram
Source: Quotesgram

Why kissing is important in a relationship?

On this special day, there is no upper limit to the number of times you can kiss your mate. Kissing can help rekindle the spark which once existed in your relationship. It creates a physical attraction as emotions are exchanged. It establishes a secured feeling and improves the intimacy which you already share. When you decide to kiss your partner it creates a closeness which is very necessary for the success of a relationship. If you have fallen out with your partner you can make up with a kiss. Kissing can save your relationship. Once you are in a relationship, a kiss may be a way to get your partner stay with you.

Source: Howtwokiss
Source: Howtwokiss

Benefits of kissing

Kissing can help build your immunity to fight diseases. During a kiss, the body releases adrenaline which can reduce feelings of pain. It releases oxytocin which will help you to bond with your partner. It will spur arousal and eventually relax you. Additionally, it can spike the neurotransmitter dopamine which can lead to feelings of desire and love. Research has shown that men live longer if they kiss their wife more often.

5 Benefits of Kiss

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Preparing for the special day

On this special day convey feelings which you cannot describe in words. Plan a date well in advance at a cozy hangout or at a plush destination depending on your preferences. Decide on your dress well in advance. Browse the online catalog at Sareez.com and you will discover attire which perfectly suits the occasion.

Sku Code: 122-6302SA590838 Rs4,095.00
Sku Code: 122-6302SA590838    Rs4,095.00

Celebrate your old gold love relationship!Flaunt yourself in a designer gown and give your mate the chance to pamper you for the whole day.

Sku Code: 314-7094GW667415 $106.40
Sku Code: 314-7094GW667415   $106.40

Drape a gorgeous saree or an elegant salwar suit and you are all set to impress your partner. Make sure that the accessories are in place and you have chosen the right footwear to complement your outfit. Let this kiss your mate day be one of the best you have experienced in years.

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