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World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day is organised on first Sunday of May each other. It was first celebrated on January 10, 1998, in Mumbai, India and was organised by Dr. Madan Kataria, the pioneer of the famous Laughter Yoga movement around the world. According to Laughter Yoga, laughter is a powerful emotion which has all the important ingredients necessary for people to bring in a change within themselves and also in the world around them in a peaceful manner. This day is now celebrated around the world.

History of World Laughter Day

Source : witsandwings
Source : witsandwings

World Laughter Day was initiated in 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, who also founded the Laughter Yoga movement. He was a well-known family doctor and was greatly inspired to start this unique movement partly by facial feedback hypothesis. The hypothesis suggests that a person’s facial expressions can have an impact on his or her emotions. The Wold Laughter Day celebration is also a way to create brotherhood and friendship among people through laughter. It is mostly celebrated in public places and is currently celebrated in 105 countries.

Importance of World Laughter Day

Source: rewireme
Source: rewireme

One of the main aims of Dr. Katara is to promote peace around the world through laughter. Though some people regard this idea as fanciful, a clear understanding of emotional contagion and science contagion has proved how it may be achieved. Regular practice of Laughter Yoga will make your body release a number of ”Feel Good” hormones within the bloodstream. These hormones are related to feelings such as bonding, tolerance, forgiveness, happiness, unconditional love, generosity, and compassion. Humorously known as the ‘Joy Cocktail’, these hormones and neuropeptides help in the preventing the production of peptides related to fear, hatred, jealousy, violence, aggression and emotions which are closely related to war and oppression.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Source: grandjunctionlaughteryoga
Source: grandjunctionlaughteryoga

By practicing Laughter Yoga as part of a group, you can raise the level of Joy Cocktail to high concentrations through the multiplier effect. People who undergo Laughter Yoga sessions are to a great way extent affected by this emotional state of joy. They ‘infect’ other people whom they get in touch with. You will get the first-hand idea of this ‘chain reaction’ once you undergo your first session of Laughter Yoga. Before trying laughter yoga you make sure you are wearing comfortable yoga wear for relaxation.  

It can not only help up to make your friends and family more lively but also bring about a positive change in their mood. They, in turn, will cheer the other people they come across. Over the last few years, laughter clubs have come up in different parts of the world. It will help in the creation of positive energy which will change the consciousness of people around the world in a positive direction. The formula for world peace is, therefore, quite straightforward- initiation one person at a time will multiply and spread it.

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