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Celebrating Your First Mother’s Day: Tips for new Moms

Source: coolbaby
Source: coolbaby

You can literally see and feel your focus and priorities shifting after you become a mom”.

I do not know who said these words, not that I care, but I shared it because I think it is absolutely true!

Right from the beginning of the second semester of pregnancy, when you actually feel the weight of your part, growing inside you, everything in the world becomes secondary. Rational and practical people would call it ‘hormonal rush’, but as all mothers and would be mothers know, pregnancy and motherhood is an emotional ride.


And after childbirth, when you hold that little fellow, staring in wonder at you, in your arms, the pains of pregnancy vanishes and you transform into someone you could never think you could be, before! Believe me, motherhood is magical!

Mother’s Day, is to celebrate this magical journey.

It is not just a day when your child or your spouse does something to express their gratitude to you; it is a day when you should celebrate the chance that life gave you, to experience this pride.

Source: novotempo
Source: novotempo

It may seem very difficult for the new moms to even think about “celebrating”, it really is. After the nights of staying awake, the days of back pain from feeding the baby, the nightmares of the hours, when you start doubting about your capacity as a mother- finding some time out for your own self may seem like a dream!

But celebration does not always mean a grand event. It just has to make you feel special and loved-be a day that you can cherish.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to make your first Mother’s Day worth remembering:

Shop for yourself: It takes time for the new parents to adjust to the idea of parenting. Do not stop yourself from letting your partner know how you are feeling and what you need. A new dress or a saree that makes you look and feel good is the first right step for a celebration. You can shop online and get it delivered well in advance to be ready for the day.

Sku Code: 293-2920SA702708 Rs1,499.40
Sku Code: 293-2920SA702708  Rs1,499.40

Ask to be pampered: Your husband or partner might be wishing to make your day special, but is totally clueless about how to go about it. If you want a breakfast in bed, give him hints beforehand. A delicious home-cooked breakfast or a home-delivered one, greeting you in the morning is a fantastic way to start the day, after another sleepless night.

A Family Get-together: If the weather is pleasant, and the others are willing, a small family picnic would be a great way to celebrate your first Mother’s Day. Choose a location, not too far away and make sure there is an accommodation for you to rest with the baby. Dress comfortably, and carry a change. Eat, sing, and rest and enjoy the day, with the others taking loving care of your baby.

Source: hermelinfamily
Source: hermelinfamily

Do not forget to take pictures, this is your day!

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