Mother's Day

A Juggling Act: Motherhood & Work

Source: media.licdn
Source: media.licdn

A self-confident and a happy woman make a better mother. A everything that needs to be done to get there, should be done.

Juggling motherhood and work may seem the most challenging tasks that a woman faces in her cycle of life. Finding the right balance, without even a hint of guilt, is the best reward that she can give herself.

How do they do it?

To many of us, trying desperately to make things work, both at our home-front and our professional bay- failing day-in-day-out, throwing up hands in frustration, losing temper at the silliest things- the super-mom stories on commercials, with a happy boss and happier kids and family seem to be a fairytale.

There is so much to be done and only 24 hours in a day!

The tried and tested theories behind the success stories of this well-balanced act of success are few. The main pivotal points are of course: Patience, Hard work and some more patience. The other thing that you ought to keep in mind while searching for the right balance is that, do not look for perfection in all that you do!

Time management” – is the mantra! That is what the experts say. Managing work and home efficiently requires efficiency in managing time. Women with successful careers and happy kids, have conjured up these 4Ds that they say helped them run their balancing act well.

Do. Delegate. Dump. Defer.

Do it– Things that need to be done now, has to be done now. Do not procrastinate. Get it done as soon as it needs to be. Procrastination not only burdens up your schedule, it also leads to unnecessary complications that can be easily avoided.

Source: media2.popsugar-assets
Source: media2.popsugar-assets

Delegate it– There are things that can be done by others, let them do it. Do not try to be a super human, you are not one. If you try to do everything yourself, you will just burn yourself out. At work or at home, assign tasks that do not need your total attention.

Dump it– Some tasks are not so important. Assess their significance, if they are not worth the time and effort, just abandon them. Make sure to scrap them off your mind too.

Source: daycarediscover
Source: daycarediscover

Defer it– You may have something nagging you at the moment; ask yourself if it needs to be done immediately. You can always consult with your colleagues at work or your partner at home. Sometimes a second opinion matters a lot. If it is not so important, then defer it for the time being. You can always get it done when you do not have too many things on your hand.

These are of some pointers that have helped women across the world in time management. You can set yours according to your priorities. But among the whole juggling show, make sure to keep some time for your own self. Buy yourself new dresses once in a while, for a new look.

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Drop into a bookstore and read through your favorite authors. Plan a movie date with your best friends. Keep your soul happy. You deserve it.

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