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Say No to Tobacco

source: s-media
source: s-media

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated to draw attention to the harmful effects of tobacco. Both NGOs and governments organize various activities to inform people about health problems which are caused by tobacco. Smoking has been recognized as a world-wide hazard today which causes the maximum number of premature deaths. According to a survey conducted by WHO there are 1.3 billion smokers in the world today and close to 20 billion cigarettes are sold every day.

source: tribune
source: tribune

Use of tobacco can cause addiction and increase levels of dopamine and endrophine in the brain. Once addicted, quitting can be a challenging task as the withdrawal effects include anxiety, depression, lack of concentration and irritability.
About WNTD
Tobacco smoke has been found to contain 4000 chemicals among which 60 have been found to cause cancer. Every year on 31st May WHO and its partners observe which highlights the health risks which are associated with tobacco. One major concern is the illicit trade of tobacco products. The primary goals of the World No Tobacco Day are to raise awareness on the harm to health which is caused by tobacco. Another aim is to demonstrate how the tobacco industry has been involved in the illicit trade.

source: thecityguide
source: thecityguide

Take a pledge against tobacco
On public marches and demonstrations are common. Activities include advertising campaigns and educational programs. Individuals in public places discourage smokers from smoking. Meetings are held for anti-tobacco campaigners. This day is not a public holiday. The day is further intended to draw attention to the fact that 6 million deaths are caused each year due to tobacco use. In the last twenty years this day has been celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm across the globe.

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Each year a theme is chosen by World Health Organisation to create a unified message. Many of the World No Tobacco Day themes have been “Tobacco kills, do not be duped” in the year 2000 and “Tobacco: deadly in any form of disguise” in 2006. If you are finding it difficult to quit smoking today, pledge this WNTD to make an effort and take the step towards better health.

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