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Plan for your Eid Celebrations, from Today

source: gadgetsware
source: gadgetsware

With the sight of the first sliver of the moon, Eid is announced. After the month-long fasting ritual of Ramadan, which lasts from the dawn to the dusk, this day is much looked forward to. It is a celebration of forgiveness, it is a celebration of thanksgiving and sharing.

After the initial prayers at the Mosque, every family celebrates Eid in their own way. It is a festival of happiness, so new clothes are bought, good food is prepared, gifts are given out and joy prevails. However, if you want to do something meaningful and make your “Eidi” a bit different than the usual, it is better that you start planning from now.

Here are a few tips on how you can celebrate your Eid.

1. Share a Smile

Do you know about any orphanage or an old age home? If you do not, I am sure you can easily find out the names of several around your city. Spend a certain part of the day with the inmates. You need not gift them with lots of gifts or clothes. A box of sweets for them and listening to their stories, playing small games like “antakhshari” can also bring smiles on those lonely faces.

source: chaiwithsahar
source: chaiwithsahar

2. Gift of Knowledge

You have been blessed enough to be educated. This Eid share some your privilege, with those who are deprived of it. Make a plan, with a small group of friends, and hold an awareness camp at any local slum area. Teach them about hygiene or any other social issues. Encourage them to come up with ideas that can make their lives better. Gift chocolates or fruits, at the end as a small token of Eid.

source: cherrytin
source: cherrytin

3. Make them feel special

If you cannot handle social events, make someone of your own, feel special with a good surprise. Gift your own sibling something they like. You can order ghagra choli online and send it to your sister. Who says it always has to be an elder gifting a younger one? You can find exquisite garments and jewelry sets online. Order them now and gift your elder sister-in-law or your mother-in-law. They will be pleasantly surprised.

Price: $128.63
Price: $128.63

Eid is something more than just feasting; it is the festival of spreading happiness. You do it your own way.

Ramadan Kareem, from Sareez.

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