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“Say Cheese!” Lets Celebrate The National Smile Power Day


As quoted by Mother Teresa “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do”.

Indeed, a simple smile has the power of spreading happiness and joy among the people around us and also within us. Smiling is a common language of communication that is understood by people of all cultures and races, all over the world.

Smiling has been proven to be one of the best confidence boosters. When you smile at someone, you not only make that person feel better immediately but it also uplifts your own mood making you feel good. Smiling helps to reduce stress and anxiety and to keep the body and mind healthy.


A smile spreads a feeling of positivity and warmth. Hence, smile power day (15th June) gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the true power of smiles in our lives. It reminds us how important it is for us to find time to smile and be happy and spread the happiness.

How would you celebrate this Smile Power Day?

  1. SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY: Every day is a busy day, until we choose not to be busy. Take some time out of your schedule to spend with your loved ones. Spending quality family time is surely going to put a smile on your face and your family members as well, and make all you feel happier.

    source: thehealthcoop
    source: thehealthcoop
  2. SEND GIFTS SPREAD A SMILE: Spread a smile amongst your loved ones by sending those gifts. Surprise your sister by ordering a party wear lehenga online and getting it delivered to her doorstep. The pretty party lehenga that she had kept on wishing for long is sure to put a smile on her face.

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  3. PAMPER YOURSELF: Remember that you can only make others smile when you are happy. Most of us love shopping. Pamper yourself, by indulging in a designer gown or a gorgeous saree, or maybe a small piece of jewelry! (If you feel too guilty about it, store it for the next occasion coming up.)

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  4. TRY DOING A SELFLESS DEED: Buy some sweets for street children, donate your clothes to an orphanage, and spend some time at an old age home. Selfless deeds like these can boost your personal happiness and spread smiles in wider horizon.

Smiling is contagious. Smiling makes you more attractive. Smiling boosts your immune system.

source: pinimg
source: pinimg

Smile – it’s absolutely free.


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