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How to surprise your father in father’s day

source: media2.intoday
source: media2.intoday

Only a single day is not enough to show love and gratitude for our near and dear ones. Definitely, they deserve more but following the trend we are all now consciously celebrate a day dedicated to them. When Father’s Day is around the corner how can you miss the scope to pamper your dad?

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Like many others, you are also wondering how to surprise your father or what to buy to make him feel even more special, right? To solve your confusion here’s a list of things that you can buy to see a smile on your dear daddy’s face. Let’s take a quick glimpse.

source: llc.org
source: llc.org

Shirt/Kurta/Blazer: Fathers are normally not very fastidious and wear whatever they get. Unlike women who love to shop, men are mostly dependent on their wives when it comes to buying any fashion goods. So if you get him a shirt or kurta it will definitely be cherished and loved by your dad. Explore different online shopping sites or you can visit shops to choose the bright one for your father.

Gadget: If your dad is following the footsteps of this generation and he is also a gizmo freak, get him a new phone or mp3 player, tab or any kind of user-friendly gadget. Yes, in that case, your budget will go slightly high but the gift will surely make him awe.

source: etsystatic

Novel: For the bookworms, a novel is their best friend. A well-written book is a collector’s item and he will treat it as a treasure. To buy a novel for your father you need to know more about his taste and preferences. If he loves to read he will definitely adore you for this present.

A card and bouquet: Father’s day doesn’t mean you have to do any extravaganza to tell your father how important he is in your life. A small note with a bouquet is enough to make him feel special.

Watch: For a classic dad a watch is a lifetime gift to surprise him on this father’s day. A true companion in all his endeavors, the watch will match his dignity. Be it a leather-clad or steel band, the true time teller is a worthy gift for this special occasion.

source: favim
source: favim

It’s not about a single day we need to give them a reason to smile each day. So take out some time from your busy schedule and spend some quality time with your family.


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