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Tips to handle Prenuptial Stress

source: ljdjsblog
source: ljdjsblog

Planning a wedding is very stressful. Even though you have already invested months, thinking about it, as the weeks narrow down, a claustrophobic feeling engulfs every bride and groom to be. That’s stress!

Are you a victim too?

Let us first, narrow down the symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Lack of sleep
  • Exhaustion
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of concentration

The culprits?    

Expectations, Expenses, Co-ordinations, Decisions, Decisions, and more Decisions.

source: pembrokedentist
source: pembrokedentist

Sounds familiar?

Here are a few stress-busting tips that usually help to unwind-

Sleep– Switch off all your gadgets and get a considerable dose of sleep every night. Relax well before your sleeping time by reading a book that has been waiting on your table for months, or listen to the music that you enjoy. Try meditating; it will help you relax considerably.

source: drcamphealth
source: drcamphealth

Make sure to get your daily dose of 8 hours of sleep.

Allocate– It may be your wedding, but you are not a superhuman that you think that you are. So allocate the tasks to your friends and family. You will find plenty of willing volunteers. Give them tasks according to their capabilities and just follow-up to make sure that everything is being done. You will find a sister or a friend who will know a lot about wedding lehenga cholis. Ask her to find out a good designer for you- she will! A cousin must be there who knows a good catering agency, ask him for their number.

Talk, tell and trust!

source: d1zpvjny0s6omk.cloudfront
source: d1zpvjny0s6omk.cloudfront

Consult– There are a lot of things that cannot be decided alone. For example, shopping for the wedding trousseau, or setting the wedding menu or finalizing the wedding venue, etc. Bring together the people you trust and consult, instead of taking the entire load on yourself. For example- if you are too tied up to go shopping, try online shopping. Sit with your family and browse through the net. You will get a wide variety of wedding lehengas online. You will also get the aid of the online fashion consultants regarding the lehenga choli designs for the wedding.

Price: $647.90
Price: $647.90

Deciding together will certainly shift some of the stress off your shoulders.

Take Care– It is your wedding that is coming up so take plenty of care of yourself. Set a balanced diet for yourself, plan a light exercise regimen, get appointments for spas and beauty treatments and remember to stay well hydrated.

source: indianbeauty
source: indianbeauty

Feel better, inside out.

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